July 2022: Planetary Check-in

“Cancer is the mothering, sustaining, nurturing sign of the zodiac. It is the sign of the womb, the house, the home, the interior of all things, for it is the protecting or covering principle.”

Isabel Hickey, ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’

Dear Friends,

The exquisite scene above was captured on our recent trip to one of New York State’s parks – where one is free to swim and play in the arms of Mother Nature. Our stay in log cabins next to the water was a wonderful way to welcome in the Cancer season, which brings to mind all that is nurturing, caring and worth protecting.

In the last few months our family has had the privilege to travel to Turkey and South Africa, as well as locally in New York State. We experienced first hand the power and beauty of nature, from orange-pink sunrises to midnight-blue night skies sprinkled with stars. Flying over the unfathomable oceans and uninhabited deserts of our planet gives one a real perspective on life.

I invite you to look up from your phone and to nourish your body and soul over this Cancer season. Take a hike, do some gardening, cook a nourishing and delicious meal or two, and look up at the heavenly skies. Mother Nature has healing powers!! Feel protected and cared for in her embrace!

Enjoying mint tea and pastries in Istanbul with family and friends. Turkey is a country with a Cancer Ascendant a love of nourishing others through food is felt throughout the ancient city

Mid-year Check-in for your Sign!

Fire Signs: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, there’s a lot going on for you since mid-May and most of it appears to be positive, including the tremendous amount of physical energy available to you now. If you’re feeling irritable or your loved ones have noted that you’re acting more rashly than usual, chances are it’s because you’re not channeling the dual powers of Mars and Jupiter into a new project, an adventure, or staying fit. Prepare for a change of pace after July 5, when life slows down a little and you feel more grounded.

Aries: Be aware that others may perceive you as over-reactive now – so play it cool until July 22, when your fiery energies harmonize more easily with others. Turn your tremendous powers of concentration inwards as you strive to bring order into your life this month.

Leo: It’s your New Moon on July 28 so play hard until then, when you’ll be called to set your intentions for the year ahead as you celebrate your birthday. With Jupiter hanging suspended in the sky at the New Moon, good fortune surrounds you. Be clear on what you wish to expand in your life moving forwards!

Sagittarius: Your lightning bolts are safely tucked away this month as you kick back and let the planetary energies swirl around you without sucking you in. Take time before July 22 to treat yourself to a bodywork session – such as shiatsu, massage, or acupuncture – to realign your chi.

Earth Signs: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the month of June and the first few days of July have been intense to say the least! Some of you have been moving mountains while others have been forced to endure their removal – either way, there’s been plenty to disturb the peace. As July 5 begins, there’s a feeling of slowing down as action planet Mars changes signs and aligns with your element. Mindset planet Mercury also splashes into watery Cancer at this time – and you feel right at home.

Taurus: pay special attention to the second part of July where you may be faced with increasing polarization around a certain issue in your life, or be confronted with unexpected news which requires your participation. Be open to new ideas and new adventures! Evolution requires you to get out of the paddock and into the wild.

Virgo: Since early June your focus has been on organizing and taking care of correspondence; as the second week in July gets under way there’s shift towards kicking back and taking care of yourself. Take note around July 19 when Chiron and the Moon ask you to make an adjustment to your usual pace. This is a fruitful moment to observe habits of a lifetime with respect to the maternal line – and to let go of what no longer serves you.

Capricorn: the build-up to your Full Moon on July 13 (at 21° Capricorn) may feel intense so channel this energy into strategizing your next big step. There’s enormous power to push forward and complete a chapter of your life before March 2023 brings in new possibilities. After July 14, observe closely how you deal with authority.

Air Signs: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, in spite of much recent hard work, things have been falling into place for you. It seems that self-discipline is coming easier – or perhaps you’ve learnt a thing or two over the last few years about maintaining a constant energy flow. Late June and early July may have heralded feelings of being torn in two – of being divided between different loyalties or projects. As the month progresses you manage to walk this tightrope ever more gracefully, finding balance between the forces, until after July 18 they seem to resolve themselves.

Gemini: creativity is high now – make the most of it! After July 5 also make a conscious effort to slow down and nurture yourself – if you do, you’ll be ready to shine again from July 19 when your ruling planet enters the sign of Leo and you feel sovereignty over your recent achievements.

Libra: Large obstacles needed to be faced and overcome in early July. As the month unwinds, you settle into a more steady pace which requires a conscious adjustment on your part. On July 9 avoid over-ambitious plans, and after July 18 cut yourself some slack – you need to see your own value now.

Aquarius: Your greatest moment of insight arrives at the very end of the month when you are given the gift to see things as they truly are. When you become aware of just how much needs to be accomplished before March 2023, lay plans on how you’ll achieve it – “time and tide wait for no man” (Chaucer).

Water Signs: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, the intensive energy of late June and early July shifts a little after July 5 as communication and mindset planet Mercury enters your element – water. When all is said and done, you abhor conflict – harmonious communication makes you feel good. You may feel more sensitive than usual this month – use this energy to connect closely with loved ones and perhaps share your hidden story – July 8 and July 19 are both good days for this as Chiron offers an opening into previously shielded areas.

Cancer: Happy birthday, dear Cancer! Pay special attention a couple of days before the Full Moon of July 13 as well as a few days after. Where can you create more harmonious flow between doing things for others and receiving help from others, both at home and at work? Between July 18 – 20 avoid entering into power struggles and instead focus on achieving a goal you set for yourself. What a wonderful sense of well-being ensues!

Scorpio: June and early July has seen you pushing yourself hard – you’ve been busy with many opportunities coming your way! Physical activity has also been peaking. After July 5, there’s less pressure to keep up the pace and more time to take care of your body and soul mindfully. Don’t force things – pushing yourself too hard may result in setbacks – it’s just not worth it. Between July 22 and August 4 keep your schedule open so that new experiences may enter. Events which develop now may easily return in October.

Pisces: Since May you’ve been exploring new avenues of self-expression and daring. Keep striving to set boundaries around those things you hold dear while you move ahead with your life. Much comes up for review at the end of the month so ensure you are ready for the mini audit. The real shift you’re preparing for is the entry of Saturn into your sign in March 2023 – when your seven-year slate is evaluated by Kronos and you reap what you’ve sown. Finish strong!!

Wishing you all peace under the stars,


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