June 2024: Solstice Season!

Greetings Dear Astrology Friends,

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Time flows by so quickly! It is June, the sacred summer solstice is approaching, and my firstborn is suddenly “all grown-up now”. There is nothing like raising children – or the study of astrology – to help one understand the passing of time. Both endeavors awaken one to the transience of one’s own life – and hopefully instill a dual sense of humility and passion. Humility in the face of the inevitable: that we all are “just passing through”. And passion for each and every day that we are alive under the Cosmic Sun.

New Moon in Gemini, June 6, 2024

We kick off June with a New Moon at 16° Gemini on June 6. The New Moon chart shows not only the Moon and Sun in the mutable sign of the twins, but also Mercury, Venus and Jupiter! This five-fold gathering of planets in the playful, changeable sign of Gemini receives a stern look from the Lord of Time, Saturn. This look invites us to be serious about whatever we are beginning now. “Serious play” is the essence of initiating creative endevours.

Saturn is heavily emphasized this month as it prepares to move retrograde at the end of June and seems to “hover” in the night sky. Traveling through the mutable sign of Pisces, the Fish, Saturn now calls us to take stock of that which is transient versus that which will last over time. The New Moon is the time to begin again. Are we beginning something that has a chance to endure?

As the next two weeks unfold, many of us may be asked to push through nebulous obstacles in order to achieve our goals. These are obstacles which are hazy or ill-defined, such as illusionary difficulties created in our minds which we need to confront in order to dispel. One of these notions could be the idea that “I never have enough time”. Sound familiar?

Saturn is a stabilizing factor and its strong presence this month may enable us to focus better than usual and use the time we have productively. Saturn’s energy also assists in moderating the intense energies which are released a few days after the New Moon, when Mars moves into Taurus and confronts Pluto. Avoid rushing about and wasting time June 9 – 15; rather focus your considerable energy on doing one or two things well. 

The New Moon also begins a period which lasts until June 17 which is auspicious for signing contracts or papers, replacing hardware, updating software, and stream-lining communication. Make it work for you!

New Moon in Gemini, June 6, 2024, 8:37 am in New York, NY

The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice on June 20 or 21, depending on your time zone, is a celebration of life! The Sun is at its strongest in the northern hemisphere as it appears to stand still in the sky and the day seems to last forever. We are asked to remember that all life and fertility comes from its Light.

The solstice takes place in New York at 4:50 pm on June 20 this year. Happy birthday dear Cancer astrology friends!

If you’ve been looking for a reason to host a party to celebrate being alive – why not choose June 20 or June 21? The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in comfort-loving Cancer, the sign of the warm and welcoming host. Now is the time to relax and to nurture what is most precious to us: pets, family, friends, peace, health, mother earth, and whatever you hold close in your own world.

Master of our House

Full Moon in Capricorn, June 21, 2024


The summer solstice ushers in the Full Moon at 1° Capricorn at 9:07 pm (New York time). Be mindful of what you put out into the world now as it will be noticed. The quality of this Full Moon is strongly organizational, with a loving energy behind it. It calls us to act – with open hearts and full pantries!

The last week of the month is quieter as we integrate the experiences of the Solstice, the Full Moon and Saturn’s slowdown. Take the weekend of June 29-30 easy.

Wishing you a light-filled and positive June!

Full Moon in Capricorn, June 21, 2024, 9:07 pm in New York, NY


May the Sun shine upon you,