August 2022: All 12 Signs Check-in

“The Leo destiny is a high one. No man can be a true leader until he is willing to be servant of all. The greatest gift a Leo can bring to the world is an understanding heart.”

Isabel Hickey, ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying Leo season, a time of “fire in the heart”.

When the Sun travels through the Leo portion of the zodiac, we experience the fixed part of summer: life seems to hang suspended, framed in the heat. What positive energy would you like to “fix” in your heart during this month?

An auspicious time to reflect on heart energy will be at the Aquarius Full Moon on August 12. Is something able to open up and forgive now? Venus, planet of love and relating, will move into the sign of Leo on the day of the full moon, calling us to feel deeply what truly matters in our life. Do we relate to others with an open heart? Venus will remain in Leo until September 6, giving us ample opportunities to experience our vibration.

The magnificent lion image below was captured by my brother-in-law, Paul Klug, in Limpopo Province, South Africa, when we were visiting in April. We were seated on a land rover a few feet away. I was close enough to sense one of the keywords of Leo emanating from this lion: DOMINION. He radiated it!

The sign of Leo symbolizes the striving to have dominion over one’s own animal nature, not over other people. This applies to all of us, as we all have the Leo portion of the zodiac in our charts!

Lion in Welgevonden Game Reserve. Image by Paul Klug.
(Main image also by Paul Klug.)

August Check-in for your Sign!

Fire Signs: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Aries: The next three months are a time of expansion for you – more opportunities and therefore more choices to make regarding where to place your energies. Use the early part of this month to order your finances and enjoy some easy-going time with loved ones. After August 21, your motivation is high to execute your far-reaching goals. Have courage and move forward to ignite the fire!

Leo: It’s your season! Energy is high – especially leading up to the Full Moon on August 12 – so plan accordingly and channel your solar power into something constructive. While work continues apace, do make time to relax this month, especially after August 13 when Venus enters your sign, bestowing treats and potential romance. Home projects are favored now – spruce up your castle!

Sagittarius: Life continues at a smooth pace for you as you receive benefic rays from three positive sources this month – the Sun, Venus, and your ruling planet Jupiter. Just make sure that things are not so smooth that you slip into entropy and end up living in a dream or a fog. Consciously decide on what you wish to accomplish each day – after it’s done, you may indulge in your favorite pleasure.

Earth Signs: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Taurus: Cast your mind back to early 2004 – the contacts you made at this time are now coming up for review. If 2004 is a blur, or you weren’t born then, be open to meeting people you feel as if you’ve known forever – fated connections are on the cards for August. You’re also in a period of high energy and loved ones may find you overly fixated on things – so take lots of time for yourself. You may enjoy reading a fresh new book to nourish your soul or taking walks in nature. August 23 – 25 is a period of adjustment – be mindful of over-scheduling or running late during these days. The end of the month is favorable for bringing money in.

Virgo: As you approach your birthday, you’re aware that it’s a time of reflection and taking stock. What needs to be let go of before you begin another journey around the Sun? Your ruling planet is favorably placed August 5 – 26, so enjoy getting out and about and feeling positive about your decisions. It’s your New Moon on August 27 at 4° Virgo – as you set your intentions, write them down for extra emphasis. As the month winds down, you feel refreshed and ready for September.

Capricorn: Life is picking up speed now but you may wish to refrain from any major decisions until early November. There’s a warm and benevolent energy available in your home, so cultivate this. Why not try out some new recipes during the early part of the month? The seven-month period August 21, 2022 – March 25, 2023 offers a wonderful opportunity for a lifestyle change. If you’ve been thinking about cutting out a certain food group that slows you down, or taking up a new fitness habit, this is your window to act!

Air Signs: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Gemini: August promises much in the way of positive times so open yourself to receive blessings from the planets. After August 5 you feel some of the haze clearing and new ideas begin to filter in. Money earned since May of this year is under review now: if you’re a freelancer, small business owner or artist, consider raising your fees in January 2023 and send the word out now. The week of August 21 is important as you begin a seven month period focusing either on career or a new identity development. Be patient as you switch pace and mindful of reacting too quickly to stimuli during these months. Take your time with everything.

Libra: The month begins and ends with the potential for you to cultivate friendships and nurture your vision of a happier you. Pay attention during the week of the Full Moon (exact August 12) as there’s a clue there as to what keeps you stuck in a rut. Your ruling planet Venus is asking you to open your heart and let go of the past. August 24 until the end of the month is a favorable time to clear out your desk, garage or inbox – any place where you store your “junk”. Say goodbye!

Aquarius: There’s been a lot happening in the home lately – are you managing to ride the wave? Energies continue to build and seek resolution around the time of your Full Moon (at 19° Aquarius on August 12). Relationships, too, are in the spotlight for you this month: your best course of action is to give your lover/business partner what they want and need – you’ll be the richer for it. This is indeed a time of profound personal growth, one you’ll look back on for years to come.

Water Signs: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Cancer:  August 1 -11 marks a period of potentially feeling your charming best – make the most of it with a makeover – or at least decide to purchase a few new clothes. Brighten up your image in the waxing Moon’s silver looking glass! The Full Moon on August 12 ushers in further identity development, together with the ability to increase your income and self-worth. Be mindful of taking on too much at work from now until early November – may ‘discernment’ be your watchword.

Scorpio: There’s been much activity of late in your house of partnerships – have you recently spent quality time with someone to whom you feel karmically connected? Listen to this feeling and trust the joy of a comfortable and “old” relationship, be it family, friend or lover. August highlights a distinct tug of war between work and home. You know you’ve many commitments – can you find the balance between responsibility and warm appreciation? A major energetic shift ensures after August 21 as you find new ways to harness the power of your obsidian-sharp mind.

Pisces: Wherever you turn there are opportunities opening up – make the most of them! The year is bound to finish on a high note for you as long as you can keep overspending and over-speculation in check. Health and partnerships are both wonderful areas of exploration for you now with the Sun and Mercury dancing through these houses in your chart. Avoid sudden travel plans, opting instead for slow perambulations and thoughtful journeys. The New Moon on August 27 could reveal the truth about a past or present close relationship.

May the Sun shine upon you,


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