Study Astrology

Small, online classes, interactive learning & mindful approach, with rich development over time.


This is a very worthwhile course. It is conducted in a small group format, an intimate, deep dive into astrology, chart reading and learning about ourselves in the process. Clearly not a cookie-cutter or A-B-C course. Rather it is a thoughtful curriculum to gain a working knowledge of the tools, and then developing an intuitive sense for unraveling the secrets of astrology charts. Catherine is insightful, highly committed and experienced. She has studied closely with some of the great minds in the Art of astrology. She has a true passion for astrology and offering the course is a gift to aspiring students.

—Simon, graduate


You may have studied Astrology for years but don’t know how it all fits together. You may only have the fundamentals but want to be able to read a chart. Whatever the case, if you are hungry for the true transmission that happens in a classroom and for the depth in understanding that comes over time with a caring and consistent teacher, this course is for you.

This course is not for absolute beginners.

This course will get to the roots of our art and build a firm foundation. It is grounded in Western traditional astrology and includes modern humanistic practices for the therapeutic consultant.

It requires commitment and the ability to apply knowledge. It is equivalent to a first year university course.

All classes are held in real time online for two hours once a week. Level 1 Classes will resume in September 2024. Please email me if you’d like to be notified when application forms and current tuition fees are sent out.


The year-long course can stand on its own but for those of you who wish to be professional astrologers, a second year (and possibly a third year of mentoring) will be offered and is encouraged.


Email Catherine with any questions


Not only is Catherine a world class astrologer, she is a passionate person who cares about her students. I truly cannot say enough good things about her. Astrology Level One has led me to deepen my dedication to studying astrology as well as challenge myself and grow. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate in your astrology journey, I can guarantee that you will learn tremendous amounts of valuable knowledge by committing to study with Catherine!


Catherine is a professional and an exceptionally gifted teacher who makes sure that the small and very personal Zoom classes firstly understand the necessity of getting a firm and accurate grip on the essential methodology before diving into the sophisticated art of astrological interpretation. Her approach is profound, ambitious, yet not complicated, always distilling the overwhelming mass of information to the essential core. She teaches us to think for ourselves, enabling and encouraging us to develop a personal signature in translating the intrinsic nature of the all-determining planets into the charts of clients. Her exquisite language skills, her beautifully reassuring voice and her overarching spiritual guidance are additional jewels in this online course in astrology and self-awareness. I am deeply grateful for having her as a guide on this thrilling journey.


I have been interested in astrology for years, reading books on the bookstore floor for hours, watching videos, listening to podcasts, practicing on friends type of interest. Yet there came a point where self educating just wasn’t working anymore and a mentor was needed, and being a part of this group with Catherine and my fellow students has been invaluable. The lecture is coupled with a group chat for the class where it’s a free forum for discussion with classmates, and Catherine pops in with answers and her brilliant wisdom just the right amount. There is space and time to learn, and Catherine ALWAYS provides a safe space to struggle as well as to succeed. Taking the leap with Catherine has been so rewarding. I would say to anyone anyone thinking about deepening their understanding of astrology and be able to actually practice techniques to do so with her. You won’t regret it.


What was your least favorite part of the course, and why? How would you improve this part of the course for the better if you were the teacher?
My least favorite part of the course is actually something I don’t think you should change. You made us struggle a bit sometimes for our answers and encouraged us to think hard and figure it out. You pushed us to trust what we had learned and I think over time that helped to build our confidence. I appreciate the struggle and see why it was necessary for the information to stick. Your feedback was always encouraging and made me feel comfortable about my mistakes. It was the right amount of struggle. I guess is what I’m saying I never felt so overwhelmed I wanted to quit but there were definitely some assignments where I had to work hard.


This course has exceeded my expectactions. I was expecting something good but the results went above and beyond what I thought Astrology could deliver. Best decision ever, life changing experience!


Catherine explains things very well and in ways that make it easy to understand. I benefited greatly from repetition. I tend to absorb things very slowly so I had to listen to the class videos a few times. The more distance I had from each class, the better I was at understanding what was being conveyed. I really needed the historical context and the spiritual inferences to help me appreciate the origins of astrology. It helped me to take it much more seriously.


The course took me from fundamentals of Astrology to a solid foundation from which to build. It exceeded my expectations.


Very impressed with the depth of knowledge Catherine has and the amount of dedication, practice and time that is needed to somewhat master this topic. [My favorite part of the course was] practicing together on charts and seeing you walk us through those charts during our sessions.


This course not only met, but exceeded any expectations I may have had, in every aspect. From beginning to end, it was one of the most incredible subjects to study and one of the most illuminating learning experience. Overall, this course not only provided me with a solid foundation on Astrology, but also opened me up to so many questions, and instilled in me a passion for further exploration and growth. Given all that I dabbled with on my own prior to embarking on this course, I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to undertake this study with Catherine and highly recommend it to anyone seeking a caring, sacred, trustworthy and enriching learning experience


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