All consultations are treated as strictly confidential. I follow the highest ethical standards with regards to my client relationships. I am honor-bound to serve each client to the best of my ability, seeking only your highest good. 

Prices include both my preparation time and the consultation time we share.

Please do not pay before emailing me and finding out my availability. I currently have a long waiting list. Thank you.

All New Clients: Natal Chart Consultation

Your birth chart reading: for all first time clients. Date, place and accurate time needed.


Any Astrology Session: 1 Hour

Usually conducted over the phone or Zoom, this hour is tailored to your needs. We can focus on the year ahead, business cycles, relationship concerns, and so on. You must have had a New Client Consultation to book this session.


Your Burning Question

Answered by Email only. Subject Line: ‘Burning Question’


NOTE: Overseas clients please email me for fees:

I will never deny anyone astrological counseling for lack of funds. Please let me know if you are in need and we’ll find a way.

In compliance with New York state law, all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.