April 2024: Aries to Taurus

Greetings Dear Astrology Friends,

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Aries season is the time for putting the mistakes of the past year behind us and moving forward with a fresh attitude. Leave your regrets at the door and feel the lightness that this brings to your being! Many happy returns dear Aries friends!

The Sun travels through Aries from March 19 to April 18 this year: this is your window to initiate new projects. Reflect that during late winter, dead wood needs to be pruned so that fresh life may emerge in the spring. Before you embark on something new in your life, check that the way is cleared so that shoots and blossoms may emerge into the light. Confidence is available now, facilitated by the alignment of the greater benefic, Jupiter, with sky lord Uranus. Make the most of it!

One caveat is that Mercury, our communications planet, is retrograde from April 1 – 25. This suggests that we need to be more patient than usual when speaking and listening, and allow for longer periods between sending emails and receiving replies. For new projects which rely heavily on communications, your opportune initiation period is June 4 – 16, when Mercury is at its strongest.

New Moon in Aries, Solar Eclipse of the Sun, April 8, 2024, 2:20pm in Washington, DC

Solar Eclipse at the New Moon, April 8, 2024

The total solar eclipse of April 8 at the Aries New Moon will be visible over Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, southern Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. These areas will see increased action over the next six months or so. This action can range from the environmental to the political.

It is good practice during an eclipse to follow the ways of wild animalsfind a place to sit or lie down and relax, and remain quiet and attentive. A “pause” is experienced on earth as the Moon briefly obscures the light of the Sun. When we take our lead from nature’s pause, and pause too, a sense of inner quiet may begin to emerge.

In the days and weeks after a solar eclipse, new revelations often come to light.

The eclipse takes place at 19° Aries, so check your natal chart and see if you have any planets within a few degrees of this – you will be most affected by this eclipse. For all of us, we can check the house in our charts in which the eclipse will take place (in which house 19° Aries falls), as well as the house opposite, to understand which areas of our life the eclipse is activating. If you don’t have your chart, do not worry! We can all benefit from the following practices and suggestions:

At this special Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse period:

  • Make space in your calendar on April 7 and 8 to spend some time doing nothing.
  • Plan for delays or setbacks (Mars-Saturn), remembering that everything happens at the right time.
  • Wait two to seven days until after the eclipse before fully committing to a major new life decision, contract, or large purchase (such as real estate).
  • Be extra sensitive and patient with children, the aged, and pets.

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 23, 2024

Energy builds after the solar eclipse as the Moon begins to wax.

Venus will have entered the home of her lover, Mars, a couple of days before the solar eclipse, bringing forward tensions on the world’s stage. As Venus will travel through Aries until the end of month, be aware not to let latent anger or suppressed ardor interfere with a good relationship. With Mercury retrograde, there is time to think before you speak. 

As Venus passes over the Moon’s Node, then over Mercury, between April 16 – 19, global issues from the lunar eclipse of March 25 and the solar eclipse of April 8, resurface. In our own lives, we may be drawn to connect with others – people we don’t know well but with whom we feel a sense of profound familiarity.

The Sun moves from fire to earth signs on April 19 and enters Taurus – happy birthday dear Taurus readers! With Taurus season upon us, we begin to prepare for the Full Moon in Scorpio, which takes place on April 23 at 4° Scorpio. With Pluto in a tense relationship to the Sun and Moon during this lunation, it’s an opportune time to tune into what is going well in your life, and then to analyze your biggest obstacle toward greater fulfillment. What empowers you and what disempowers you? The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will assist you in making the change that is most needed now.

During this Scorpio Full Moon Week:

  • Great energies will be released for physical and emotional healing – be available to receive these energies if healing is needed in your life.
  • Current thresholds may be surpassed and inner limitations swept away during this time so have the courage to push yourself just a little beyond your normal barriers.
  • Honor Taurus season, the earth, and lady Venus, by cooking a new, inspired dish – something you’ve never tried – or by creating a drawing, a painting, or a poem, or playing some beautiful music, or planting some fresh, colorful blooms. 

As the month winds to a close, there are a couple of volatile days between April 29 and May 2 as Venus and Mars shift signs, both returning home, and thereby increasing in strength. Keep your calendar light on these days and make time to be physically active.

Wishing you a calm and positive April!

Full Moon in Scorpio, April 23, 2024, 7:48 pm in Washington, DC


May the Sun shine upon you,