Client feedback​

It was such a brilliant reading. It was so interesting when I listened to the recording and let it all sink in. I have to say that everything you talked about made so much sense to me and most of all it gave me plenty to think about. How extraordinary that astrology can reveal so much!



I am deeply grateful for the amazing astrological reading! It empowered me and motivated me to shift some ways of thinking and to set firmer goals (such as complete writing my first book this spring). I want to capitalize on the energies available to me. Over the past 10 years, I have had several Western tropical as well as Vedic readings, and given this I can say that your reading of my chart and your interpretations stand above previous readings You identified my core strengths and weaknesses and gave some predictive windows of opportunity.



I can’t say thank you enough, having this consultation was a dream come true! I have listened over once so far, and am still taking it all in.


New york

Thank you so much, everything you said was exactly what I needed to hear and spot on. I really did a lot of soul digging after and feel like I have some clarity of what needs to be done to get me unstuck.


New york

You have helped me so much, thank you. I so appreciate your insight and support. I have taken steps to improve my health all because of your assistance. Thank you again!
—Veronica, Washington

Thank you again for your wisdom – it will help me live my best life!
—Cate, Colorado

Thank you for the consultation today, it was really wonderful — precise, and affirming.
—Megan, Vermont

I will never forget that moment in my life [during our consultation], as I haven’t felt that much hope and joy in such a long time, thank you for your grace and wisdom and pouring hope and light into my soul.
—Dora, California

From the bottom of my heart, thank you… I left with a feeling of expanded consciousness coupled with a welcomed feeling of affirmation.
—Paul, New York

Love Catherine. She is the complete professional, complete lady. Cannot say enough positives!!
—PL, New York

Thank you for your help with focus and direction, clarity and affirmation. I feel well anchored in your knowledge!
—Hope, New York

Once again, thank you. You made me realize so much more when you said to know this intellectually is one thing, but to really feel it is something else. And that is what I’m working on now. And that is what I’m feeling is making all the difference.
—Marc, New York

I really appreciate your insights. I want to tell you about how amazingly spot-on these readings have been. Thank you very much for your time with this!!
—Anne, California

At a time in my life when I was overwhelmed and vulnerable you were so kind to provide me with guidance – not only through profound counseling but through understanding the underlying issues and providing resources even beyond astrology. I will always be grateful for your insight and support!
—Frida, New York

I was very impressed with Catherine’s ability to give an accurate reading about things that have happened in my past and are currently going on in my life. She made me feel at ease when I met her; she has a very warm spirit and I felt like we were old friends when I began to talk. I am looking forward to the future after her session.
—Elaine, New York

Meeting with Catherine for the first time, and after the warm initial welcoming exploratory phone call, was comfortable, comforting, and steeped in wise grounded counsel that could be immediately applied to an otherwise complicated astrological chart and life path design … I departed the session feeling understood and positively reflected, and nourished with increased courage to express my whole self being in its fullness.
—Kim, New York

An astrology consultation with Catherine Goshen is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. She has a passion for truly understanding the unique placements on each of our birth charts, and relaying this information in a clear, understandable and interactive manner. Highly beneficial in becoming our best selves.
—Simon, New York

I thank you for the encouragement and guidance, you have given me so much to think about. I will try to stay positive and focus on what’s most important, and keep your words in mind.
—Jolene, New York

I can’t say enough positive things about your work. Your analysis was right on; I’m still taking everything in. There is a lot for me to think about. Your reading has inspired me to go ahead and start my book.
—James, New York

Catherine possesses the wonderful combination of penetrating knowledge of astrology and the deep intuition with which to interpret it. During our consultation the bigger picture and my journey made more sense to me. Catherine has a way about her that makes one feel accepted, heard and safe. Since then, I have returned to her for specific advice in order to help me with some important life decisions.
—Abi, New York

Catherine Goshen is extremely professional, diligent and caring. I found the information given to be very uplifting and useful. I highly recommend a session with Catherine….Enjoy!
—Fiona, Ireland

We covered so much… it seemed to lift the mist for me. I have a better understanding of why I’m in the position I’m in. I’m certainly feeling lighter with the big picture.
—Lynne, South Africa

I was never sure about the exact time of my birth, I only knew it was around 9pm. Based on certain events that have happened in my life during specific time frames and through a series of questions that I answered, Catherine was able to trace my birth time to what she feels was the exact time of my birth. This was the most powerful astrology reading I have had and it is clear that Catherine has a deep understanding and incredible knowledge in what she does. She has a wonderful energy and it was a pleasure to be in her presence.
—Charlotte, Florida

Thanks so much for the superb astrological consultation. It was very powerful for me and created a shift already on some level.
—Lenka, Ireland

Catherine’s sharp intellect, brilliant insight, and calm demeanor genuinely inspired me just a few minutes into our first conversation, and still continues to impress me any time we speak. Her on-point astrological interpretations of my birth chart ignited a dramatically positive impact on the direction of my life, my own self-awareness, happiness, and well-being.
—Linda, New York

Although initially skeptical about Astrology, I was astounded how spot-on Catherine was in identifying aspects of my personality, relationships, and attitude to career. I found our conversation very helpful and inspiring, especially the practical tips on how to move towards my aspirations.
—Gwen, Scotland

Catherine unlocked so much emotion within me. Insight and intelligence, thought and reason, she is a purveyor of truth. A true professional with the means to liberate your soul, a healer and pilot for life’s heart.
—Oliver, England

Although I have had several readings in the past, I found Catherine’s particularly exciting because of her insight into the areas of my life where I most needed confirmation and affirmation. Her intuition astounded me and after our time together I was left with a much needed feeling of peace and well-being. Thank you, Catherine for your special qualities which you were able to bring, and for your time, so generously given.
—Colleen, South Africa

“When I was in the throes of painful period of disintegration in my life in 2011 (both my parents dying in quick succession, a romantic relationship coming to an end, and facing financial ruin), I had a consultation with Catherine. If I was impressed by her thoroughness, intuitive questioning and sheer professionalism, the chart itself was an invaluable guide to my own inner wisdom and blessedly helped me to reconnect with my essence. What might have been a deeply disturbing and troubling phase of my life became infinitely more negotiable, to the extent that I could embrace it and enter the shadow without needing to change it. I highly value her work.”
—Dion, South Africa

I wanted to thank you again for our consultation. It was very insightful, and I found it fascinating to see how we both use astrology for healing, but in very different ways.
—Liz, New York

Catherine’s reading of my astrological birth chart was incredibly eye opening and inspiring, allowing new ideas and thoughts to blossom and enrich my experience.
—Marlowe, New York

You have given me a gift that has changed my core: you have given me light. There is no other way I can explain it.
—Adina, Israel

I wanted to thank you again for our discussion as it was eye opening and reaffirming at the same time.
—Mary, New York

I want to express how much I appreciate the consultation that we had. It has really helped put things even more into perspective for me.
—Angie, California

Thank you so very much. I feel you have given me a lot to think about and work with and for that I am very grateful. I need direction and encouragement and a lot of what you told me resonated with me.
—Robin, South Africa

Thank you so much for your loving help!
—Pat, Connecticut

I just read through this beautiful presentation and I have to tell you, I’m floored! It is everything I hoped for and more! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to present this wonderful work of art and inspiration to [the bride and groom]! I really can’t thank you enough! (Wedding Astrology Compatibility Gift)
—JB, New York

I just read through this beautiful presentation and I have to tell you, I’m floored! It is everything I hoped for and more! I am so thrilled and can’t wait to present this wonderful work of art and inspiration to [the bride and groom]! I really can’t thank you enough! (Wedding Astrology Compatibility Gift)
—JB, New York

The advice on how to treat my children according to their Moon signs] has been so helpful. I have been using it all week and it has been a game changer. Thank you!
—M.E., California

Thank you for the wonderful reading yesterday.
—Sage, New York

Just dropping a line to let you know that I got the position! The exact dates you mentioned…it blows my mind that this was in the stars. Here’s hoping that this is fortuitous and career-building (I’m quite confident that it will be!).
—Carl, New York

I’m so grateful for your caring guidance in my life.
—Mandy, California

Thank you for sharing your gifts with kindness, generosity, and purity of heart… I felt seen, heard, at home, and trusting.
— JR, New York

I’ve already been working on some things we spoke about, and with success (…) I look forward to continuing to connect with you.
—June, New York

Your reading was so very helpful, insightful and nourishing for me, and I’m so glad I made the appointment with you. Given that we’d never met, it was like talking with an old friend, someone who knew me well.
—Celine, Pennsylvania

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know you were completely right about me getting a new job this month! You providing me with dates really pushed me to explore opportunities and look out for signs. Your work is truly amazing!
—Nicky, New Jersey

Thank you so much today, for your kindness and wisdom. What you told me today rang true. Thank you again, and thank you for spreading good in the world.
—Kim, New Jersey 

I just wanted to thank you again for the clarity and let you know that you were so right. I’m so grateful for the guidance.
—Kathy, New York

Thank you so very much! I enjoyed your detailed and thoughtful look into my chart. You certainly are very gifted. I love your calming voice
—Cheri, Colorado


Thank you so much for putting your mission out, with such love at the service of others, you do have a gift and the session we did was indeed very beautiful and the light you shed on my path illuminated my subconscious.
—Catalina, Lisbon