Catherine Goshen

Professional Astrologer

“Just like music, astrology is a universal language which gets to the heart of the matter”

ISAR-CAP | DipAst Suskin, Noel Tyl Masters | BA Hons, HDEd

Hi, I’m Catherine Goshen.

I offer astrology consultations for anyone seeking to gain perspective on their life.

My work is informed by years of client experience and astrological study at the highest international level, as well as by my own search for truth and meaning.

I look forward to meeting with you.

The information we’ll need for you to take your journey is
your birth date,
birth time
and birth place.

Let’s get in touch.

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Small, live online classes, interactive learning, rich development over time.

“This course has exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something good but the results went above and beyond what I thought Astrology could deliver. Best decision ever, life changing experience!” —M.A.A. 

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Interested, and want to know more?

Your natal chart – a symbolic map of the solar system drawn at the moment of your birth – is waiting to guide you.

Understanding your unique energy pattern allows you to see yourself with some objectivity – your talents, your lessons, and your way forward.

Moving fluidly through time, it tracks backwards and forwards the gift that is your life.

I look forward to talking with you.

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