Astro-planner for Scorpio Season 2021

‘Scorpio is of cold and humid nature (aqueous). Its angel holds the keys of the creation of fire (infernal).’

Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi, Titus Burckhardt

Period October 23 – November 21, 2021

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 

October 23, 2021, 0:51 am: The Sun moves into Scorpio, and we begin our journey through the realms of hidden mysteries. Happy birthday to all my Scorpio friends, may joy be yours over your birthday and beyond!!

The planet Mars rules Scorpio, gifting those with strong Scorpio placements great self-control and the intuition of the warrior. Scorpio is a fixed (stable) and water (feeling-centered) sign. New readers to this blog may wish to read more about the archetypal qualities of Scorpio in an older post here.


While the scorpion with his defensive sting is one of the symbols for those with their Sun in the sign of Scorpio, the eagle is another, because of its ability to fly far above the fray and perceive what’s going on below with a penetrating yet detached gaze. Those with Scorpio Suns often do battle with intense emotions during critical growth phases of their lives, offering them the opportunity to learn detachment. Wisdom arrives when, like the eagle, they are able to gain perspective on their intense emotions and longings, and see them with a bird’s eye view. Free from the pull of desire and unrelenting longing, mature Scorpios come to enjoy a deep sense of freedom and to treasure alone time.


October 23 – 31, 2021: The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 23 and we enter into the fixed watery part of the zodiac. Mars joins the Sun in Scorpio (on October 31), after which we should all feel a renewed sense of energy and purpose. With the Sun and Mars both traveling through this part of the zodiac, we are gifted with the ability to penetrate below the surface and see tasks through to completion. Medical and other mysteries may suddenly clear up and our stamina may surge. Watch out for revelations in the news, especially around the New and Full Moons (November 4 and 19).


November 4, 2021, 5:14 pm EDT: The New Moon at 12° Scorpio offers us an insistent opportunity to be ourselves and get away with it! As we pursue our increasing need to individuate and become who we are, there are nevertheless forces which seem to slow us down and impede our quest to outrun our deepest fears and achieve our goals.

A sensible way to handle the energy this week is to forge ahead in spite of the naysayers and the blocks of virtual concrete in our paths. Agree in advance to take on some mental strain – nothing great was ever achieved by giving up too soon – and keep going until you have a break-through. Whether it’s a baby, a business, or a book you’re hoping to give birth to, or simply a new attitude for facing each day, believe in your highest potential now. When you do, you will receive tremendous help from the cosmos, who is wise and loving, and only awaits your receptivity to be able to guide you.

New Moon at 12° Scorpio, November 4, 2021, Chart set for New York

November 5, 2021: Venus moves into Capricorn – why is this noteworthy? Because instead of her usual three to four week sojourn through a sign, she will be in Capricorn until March 5, 2022 due to retrograde motion. If you know your chart, think about the house that Venus will be visiting for such a prolonged stay. What will you learn in that area of life? If you don’t know your chart, you may wish to observe patterns during this time regarding how you relate to others, your enjoyment of pleasure (or lack thereof), and how you manage your resources.

Questions to ask ourselves and to journal answers for during this period:

• What do I value?
• How can I better put my values into practical action?
• What is my relationship to money?
• Do I make responsible use of my resources?
• What is my relationship to giving and receiving love?
• Where do I feel blocked in terms of relationship?
• What stories do I tell myself about my ability to enjoy life?

‘People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories.’

Chinua Achebe, author of ‘Things Fall Apart’ amongst other award-winning novels, dubbed ‘the father of modern African literature’

November 19, 2021: Full Moon at 27° Taurus, partial Lunar eclipse, with the Sun and Moon both receiving a square from Jupiter, and Mars activating the on-going Saturn-Uranus square. What does this mean for us? With so much planetary activity this week, there is plenty of energy to move forwards and overcome any challenges which we may face. This eclipse is one of a pair with the solar eclipse at the New Moon in Sagittarius next month.

The week before this Full Moon eclipse (November 12 – 19), consider postponing any major decisions as you await for further information to come to light after November 20.

The Taurus-Scorpio polarity (Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus) asks us to deal with questions surrounding values, resources and desires. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to make decisions regarding what they hold dear and what they are prepared to sacrifice for these things. Many will face such decisions now as the eclipse stirs up these types of issues on a global level.

On a personal level, we may wish to answer the following questions:

• What makes me lose my head?
• Where do I waste my emotional energy?
• What is my relationship to both pleasure and pain?
• Where am I overdoing it in my life – and what am I trying to prove?
• What am I prepared to sacrifice for my values?

The answers may offer suggestions as to where you need to pay close attention over the next few weeks. Great shifts are possible at this time in bringing your life more into alignment with your values, and in healing old patterns of emotional reaction.

Full Moon at 27° Taurus, November 19, 2021, Chart set for New York

May you enjoy the chance to look within during the Scorpio season, and to open yourself to deeper emotional fulfillment! As the picture above demonstrates, life always reflects itself. If you radiate light even when the weather is cloudy, that light will somehow be reflected straight back at you.

November 21, 2021: The Sun enters Sagittarius and we dance into the fire, season of truth!

Love and light, thank you for reading,

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