Astro-planner for Virgo Season 2020

Ever since I’ve ever heard music, I thought it should be very clean, very precise – as clean as possible, anyway, and more or less tuned to people. Something they could understand, something that was beautiful, you know? Charlie Parker, Virgo Period August 22 – September 22, 2020 All dates and times according to EasternContinue reading “Astro-planner for Virgo Season 2020”

Astro-planner for September 2019

You want to plan your life with the help of the planets. Welcome to the Astro-planner for August 23 to September 23, 2019

September Astrology: Get Going!

Dear Friends, Writing the astro-planner for September (see below), I was reminded of all the love energy given and received during this last Leo cycle where we were called upon to accept ourselves for who we are. If we wilted under criticism, crumbled because we were without a partner or ally, or floundered because weContinue reading “September Astrology: Get Going!”

Hot Spotlight on July!

Dear Friends As the energies begin to build here for the summer, the challenge is to institute a change in your daily routine. With the New Moon just past in Cancer and the Full Moon approaching in Capricorn (July 9), we are asked to find the balance between nurturing our home selves and our workContinue reading “Hot Spotlight on July!”

Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation

The planet Mercury shows us how we think best. The ancients understood Mercury to be ‘the thinking soul’ while 17th century master astrologer William Lilly saw it to represent thought as ‘awareness’. Thought, perception, communication… Mercury reflects our mindset and entire thinking apparatus including our nervous system, which binds the brain to the body. TraditionallyContinue reading “Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation”