Astrology Update for December 2016

    Dear Friends, December is a special month astrologically and many of the holiday festivals we celebrate at this time of year are deeply rooted in our ancestors’ worship of the Sun’s light. Wednesday, December 21, heralds our winter solstice, when we mark the end of the longest night and give thanks for theContinue reading “Astrology Update for December 2016”

Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation

The planet Mercury shows us how we think best. The ancients understood Mercury to be ‘the thinking soul’ while 17th century master astrologer William Lilly saw it to represent thought as ‘awareness’. Thought, perception, communication… Mercury reflects our mindset and entire thinking apparatus including our nervous system, which binds the brain to the body. TraditionallyContinue reading “Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation”

July’s Astrology 2016

Dear Friends, As Britain votes to exit the EU and David Cameron resigns, we may feel a similar dissolution in our own lives. Everything is in flux; routine is hard to hold on to, or has recently changed. What routine, you might ask? All this upheaval is happening for a reason. Light is being shoneContinue reading “July’s Astrology 2016”

May I Delay? Yes!

The Astrology for May 2016 Dear Readers, how are you faring? The month of May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde, calling on us to take time off from our usual forward-moving, technologically-enabled lives. If you’re experiencing delays, car or computer set-backs, or simply feel like relaxing at home, this is normal! Mental doubts andContinue reading “May I Delay? Yes!”

March forward with Sensitivity!

Welcome to Astrology Update!     There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 9 (at 19 degrees of Pisces for those of you who know your charts) and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 (at 3 Libra, echoing the eclipse of September 28 last year). Eclipses mark endings and beginnings;Continue reading “March forward with Sensitivity!”

Happy New Year! January 2016

Welcome to Astrology Update! I hope you all had the opportunity to experience the Full Moon on December 25 and to take a moment of reflection under its silvery beams. For many who celebrated Christmas, there was a downright non-traditional element to the day, courtesy of Uranus stationing direct. ‘Embrace that which is different whileContinue reading “Happy New Year! January 2016”