Astrology Update for December 2018

Dear Friends, With Jupiter moving forward in Sagittarius, one of the signs it rules, there is a definite upturn in the general atmosphere. With this jovial mood comes much needed relief from the strong saturnine energy we’ve experienced since the year began. The one caution is not to overspend or be overly optimistic with yourContinue reading “Astrology Update for December 2018”

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for November 2018

Dear Friends, How are you faring? As the days shorten here on the East Coast and the leaves begin to fall, it’s the natural time for inner reflection. We’re helped in this process by Venus and Mercury being in their retrograde cycle at different times this month. Set some hours aside now for doing nothingContinue reading “Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for November 2018”

Astro-Planner for November 2018

Oct 24: Sun enters Scorpio with the Full Moon (I heard from so many of you about your experiences on the day of the previous full moon! The Full Moon was conjunct Uranus exacerbating the usually grounded Taurus energy. With Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years we will now have more unstable TaurusContinue reading “Astro-Planner for November 2018”

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for October 2018

Dear Friends, Back by popular demand, your astrology for the month by sign! Remember to read for your Sun, your Moon and your Rising sign (Ascendant). As always, email me if you are unsure of your placements. Wishing you all a fruitful October! May the Sun Shine upon you, Catherine Aries, this month is about partnerships.Continue reading “Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for October 2018”

September Astrology: Get Going!

Dear Friends, Writing the astro-planner for September (see below), I was reminded of all the love energy given and received during this last Leo cycle where we were called upon to accept ourselves for who we are. If we wilted under criticism, crumbled because we were without a partner or ally, or floundered because weContinue reading “September Astrology: Get Going!”

August Astrology 2018: Sunny Skies

  ASTRO-PLANNER FOR AUGUST 2018 August 7: Uranus moves retrograde at 2 degrees of Taurus as it squares slow-moving Mars; plan a technology-free day to avoid frustration directed at your computer/smartphone/printer. In fact, make that a techno-limited week if you can! Messages can reach you the old-fashioned way. Venus also moves into Libra on thisContinue reading “August Astrology 2018: Sunny Skies”

Pack a Picnic: July 2018

Dear Friends, Welcome to Astrology Update for July 2018! While going through the ephemeris to write the astro-planner for July and August, I was reminded of Plato’s words, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. In other words, none of us has it easy; everyone is dealing with some challenge orContinue reading “Pack a Picnic: July 2018”

The things we value: June 2018

Welcome to Astrology Update for June 2018! There’s a strange combination of stability and volatility in the air this month. June 1st and 2nd have a serious feel, while the next couple of days may find us surprised by unpredictable events or completely caught up in our own emotional reactions. And so the pattern goesContinue reading “The things we value: June 2018”

Uranus the Awakener: May 2018

Dear Friends, May marks the start of an important new seven-year cycle for all of us as Uranus, the Awakener, enters the sign of Taurus the Bull mid-month. Uranus brings lightning change and upheaval, while the sign of Taurus is about preserving the status quo through the accumulation of wealth and precious things. Sound incongruent?Continue reading “Uranus the Awakener: May 2018”

April’s here!

  Dear Friends, There’s a feeling of a fresh start in the air! April begins with a blessing as Venus enters the sign she rules, Taurus. This sets the tone for the month and stirs us to cultivate beautiful, natural surroundings and tables spread with delectable foods. Simultaneously, we have potent Mars energies around toContinue reading “April’s here!”