Celestial Season Planner for December

Dear Friends, It’s the holiday season! Social interactions have been feeling on the intense side of late. And there’s been a fair share of frustration when trying to complete tasks. From December 1st things will lighten up considerably to get us into the festive mood. The energy builds throughout the month as we come increasinglyContinue reading “Celestial Season Planner for December”

Solar Once-over: Astrology Update for November

With all of us seeking some guidance right now, let’s check in this month with our Sun sign! CARDINAL SIGNS Aries, if there ever was a time to pull back a little with your warrior style energy, it’s now. Keep working quietly on your projects while exercising sensitivity when dealing with others, especially those whoContinue reading “Solar Once-over: Astrology Update for November”

Astrology Update for October

Dear Friends, As an astrologer, I get asked the strangest questions, as if everything on earth could be attributed to astrology!! It cannot – we are under too many influences – but I thought I’d take a moment to share a few thoughts on the nature of the beast, so to speak. Astrology is theContinue reading “Astrology Update for October”

Astrology Update for September

Dear Friends, How are you faring as we approach the changing of the seasons? This month is all about Virgo energy. Happy birthday to those of you with Sun in Virgo – this is certainly the month to activate your plans! All of us, however, can benefit from the abundant Mercury-ruled energy coming in now.Continue reading “Astrology Update for September”

Astrology Update for August

  Dear Friends, The crackling and explosive energy of July is behind us. Dare we allow our hearts to open to our dreams for a better future? There’s a good dose of motivational energy around this month focused in the fire signs. Promote, lead, and follow through. At the same time, don’t be afraid toContinue reading “Astrology Update for August”

Hot Spotlight on July!

Dear Friends As the energies begin to build here for the summer, the challenge is to institute a change in your daily routine. With the New Moon just past in Cancer and the Full Moon approaching in Capricorn (July 9), we are asked to find the balance between nurturing our home selves and our workContinue reading “Hot Spotlight on July!”

Astrology Update for June 2017

Dear Friends June looks to bring some cosmic relief! For those of us who feel like we’ve been going over the same ground since November last year (especially those born in early October, or who have personal planets around 13 degrees of the cardinal signs), things will at last move forward and we’ll be inContinue reading “Astrology Update for June 2017”

Astrology Update for April: Transforming Ideas into Actions

Dear Friends, There’s so much to look forward to! The Aries New Moon on Monday night (10:57pm, March 27, New York time) will set the tone for the month of April. Make time to write down your intentions and plans for the month. Wake up early on Tuesday morning with everything in place. How willContinue reading “Astrology Update for April: Transforming Ideas into Actions”

Astrology Update for March: Through the Looking Glass

    Dear Friends, March seems the very best month to let your mad hatter out to play. There is a contrary blend of planetary energies which favors an upside down perspective and the ability to laugh at your own quirks. This is not the month for a beauty make-over, for finally decorating the kids’Continue reading “Astrology Update for March: Through the Looking Glass”

Astrology Update for February: Activating Mars

Dear Friends, How are you faring? February 2017 is an auspicious time to initiate action in the areas of your chart ruled by Mars. Shrug off fear as you stride forward with courage to accomplish your goals. Work with Mars while he travels through Aries, one of the signs he rules and is most comfortableContinue reading “Astrology Update for February: Activating Mars”