September Astrology: Get Going!

Dear Friends, Writing the astro-planner for September (see below), I was reminded of all the love energy given and received during this last Leo cycle where we were called upon to accept ourselves for who we are. If we wilted under criticism, crumbled because we were without a partner or ally, or floundered because we […]

Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation

Mercury Statue next to Metlife in New York City. Copyright Catherine Goshen, March 2016

The planet Mercury shows us how we think best. The ancients understood Mercury to be ‘the thinking soul’ while 17th century master astrologer William Lilly saw it to represent thought as ‘awareness’. Thought, perception, communication… Mercury reflects our mindset and entire thinking apparatus including our nervous system, which binds the brain to the body. Traditionally […]

November Election Forecast Report

Dear Friends, I recently returned from Costa Mesa, California where I attended the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) Conference. One of the highlights was the presidential panel hosted at the Opening where international astrologers presented their predictions for the upcoming United States election to be held on November 8. I’d like to share the […]

Le Corbusier’s horoscope

ASTROLOGER’S CORNER We continue our look at innovators of the 20th century who have Aquarius on the Midheaven (previous posts include Neil Armstrong and Martha Graham). Le Corbusier (1887-1965): “A house is a machine for living in” One of the most influential architects of the Modern Movement, Le Corbusier sought simplicity and order in his […]

Martha Graham’s horoscope

Martha Graham dance

Martha Graham (1894-1991): “Wherever a dancer stands ready, that spot is holy ground” Martha Graham, leader of the modern American dance movement, pioneered a new way of moving which evolved from the meaning of the dance. Sweeping aside conventional standards of beauty, grace, rhythm and linear design, she created a fresh, earthy vocabulary which reflected her own […]

Neil Armstrong’s Horoscope

ASTROLOGER’S CORNER Neil Armstrong (1930-2012): From Gemini to Apollo Every horoscope has an archetypal essence, the symbolic story which manifests in an ordinary or an extraordinary life. Neil Armstrong’s birth chart shows the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius, a fiery combination promising daring feats, travel and adventure to achieve ego recognition. The […]

Thoughts on Celestial Influence

Telescope for star-gazing. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

“All the phenomena of life recognizable by us upon the earth are the product of the Sun, the Earth, and the planets. The Sun provides the life-force, the Earth the materials, the planets form. Without these three elements, no living being can exist. Moreover, these three elements are of varying levels of energy – the […]