Thoughts on Celestial Influence

Telescope for star-gazing. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2017

“All the phenomena of life recognizable by us upon the earth are the product of the Sun, the Earth, and the planets. The Sun provides the life-force, the Earth the materials, the planets form. Without these three elements, no living being can exist. Moreover, these three elements are of varying levels of energy – the Sun, as we know, is most radiant, most active; the Earth is most inert, most passive; while the planets stand between the two, refracting and reflecting, the third or mediating force.”

—Rodney Collin, ‘The Theory of Celestial Influence’

For many of us, the ups and downs of life are difficult to explain. Why is it that on some days we feel down, unmotivated, even depressed? Life seems to move at a snail’s pace and nothing ignites a spark of creativity. The phone is silent. On other days we feel upbeat – even quietly ecstatic – everything is flowing and dancing. That job we applied for – the phone just rang and it’s a YES!!!!

Hard as it is for some people to believe, our natal horoscope tracks all of these changes. Minute by minute, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, we are subject to the laws of planetary influences. The four cardinal points of our personal horoscopes – the Ascendant, the Midheaven/Medium coeli (‘middle of the sky’), the Descendant, and the IC/Imum coeli (‘the bottom of the sky’) – are most sensitive to these influences, as are our personal planets when touched by aspects from transiting planets.

Are we then merely puppets, reacting to the energies around us? Perhaps there is another way, the way of becoming aware of how planetary influences are affecting us.

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