May I Delay? Yes!

The Astrology for May 2016

Dear Readers, how are you faring?

The month of May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde, calling on us to take time off from our usual forward-moving, technologically-enabled lives. If you’re experiencing delays, car or computer set-backs, or simply feel like relaxing at home, this is normal! Mental doubts and communication/travel glitches will clear up after May 22 when Mercury stations direct.

We’ll have to wait until June 29 for Mars to move forward, so use this time productively for planning. Most importantly, don’t allow delays or blockages to get you down. Everything in life happens for a reason and you don’t always have to know why. Isn’t that a relief?


New Moon Chart, May 6, 2016, Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


Power periods this month are May 6–10 and May 20–22.

Use the first period to create or refresh practical routines on New Moon (in Taurus, May 6) and watch these new habits grow and gain momentum (around May 9). May 9-10 is a promising period to complete any unfinished business left over from the first half of January.

Use the second period to host a gathering on Full Moon (in Sagittarius, May 21) and then broadcast your ideas to the world (May 22). If you have business contracts or legal agreements to sign this month, try to wait until after May 23. Detest delays? Sometimes a delay can save you a lot of extra work later on!

May the Sun shine upon you,

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