Astrology Update for December 2016


Mandala ISAR 2016. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


Dear Friends,

December is a special month astrologically and many of the holiday festivals we celebrate at this time of year are deeply rooted in our ancestors’ worship of the Sun’s light.

Wednesday, December 21, heralds our winter solstice, when we mark the end of the longest night and give thanks for the Sun’s return. Our southern hemisphere cousins celebrate their summer solstice on this day, marking the end of their longest day. For all of us, north and south, the Sun will be at zero degrees of the sign of Capricorn on this day. Make time for quiet morning reflection, watching the Sun rise over mountain, ocean or skyline.

Winter Solstice Chart December 2016 New York. Copyright Catherine Goshen

Note the powerful cardinal energy at the solstice with Pluto-Mercury (serious thought) squared by Jupiter (gains) and Uranus (sudden change).

But before this turning point of our solar year, we have three weeks of exuberant Sagittarian energy to enjoy! Have fun celebrating the season. Make an effort to listen to other’s opinions and to tolerate different points of view.

The Full Moon on December 14 falls on a Wednesday – even so, it’s a perfect day for an office party or friends’ get-together as the talk will surely flow! On Monday, December 19, Mars moves into Pisces, the same day that Mercury stations retrograde. All that this means is that you might be less productive after this date so try to do your holiday shopping early this year. You might also try to keep your schedule pretty clear after December 20 and use this time for genuine relaxation.

The Moon is void most of the day on December 25. Throw structure to the winds! Relax (there’s that word again) and let go!

Thursday, December 29, heralds in the New Moon at 7 degrees of Capricorn so set your intentions before the New Year begins.

Wishing you all peace over the holidays. And thank you for your wonderful support this year.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Mandale fragment. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


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