September 2022: Astrology Check-in

“Virgo is represented by ‘the harvest time, the gleaming of the wheat and the fruits of the earth.’ The keyword: ‘I analyze’. Virgo rules the assimilative system in the physical body.”

Isabel Hickey, ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’

Dear Friends,

Do you feel the weather shifting since the Sun moved into Virgo on August 23? The sign of Virgo represents the mutable (changing) part of summer – as we transition slowly into autumn in the northern hemisphere. In spite of the heat here in New York State, the leaves are falling.

September opens up a time where we are given plenty of opportunities to integrate the hectic pace many of us have been experiencing since January. Four of the slow-moving planets are retrograde (appearing to move backward from earth’s perspective), and Mercury will join them on September 9. This slow-down effect invites us all to reflect rather than initiate, to listen rather than proclaim. What needs to settle now?

For many of us, September represents a “back to school” scenario – whether we are learners or teachers, workers or bosses, parents or caretakers – summer inevitably comes to an end. The planets are inviting us to begin this new cycle without fanfare – let us put our heads down and get to work in true Virgo style.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step.” -Naeem Callaway

Short & Light-hearted
September Check-in for your Sign!

Fire Signs: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius

Aries: Expand, grow, and remember to breathe. It’s advisable to lay low during the Pisces Full Moon on September 10 – this is your time to turn off the lights and relax.

Leo: Your birthday celebrations have most likely left you somewhat out of pocket. Never fear, there appear to be helpful friends on every side supporting you. Romance may be turning serious – are you ready?

Sagittarius: The Full Moon this month highlights tensions between home and work as you strive to find your new balance. Hobbies and children both want your attention now so a relaxed attitude is your best friend.

Earth Signs: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn

Taurus: With your ruling planet traveling through Virgo for most of the month, be hyper-aware of not criticizing loved ones — and instead channel the copious earth energy at your disposal into your kitchen, garden or yoga mat.

Virgo: Happy birthday to you!! The Full Moon this month highlights where you need to find the balance between the big picture and the details. Ask yourself, ‘Where can I take a less structured approach?’. Allow extra time for reflection and reorganization with your ruling planet retrograde.

Capricorn: Virgo season is usually a comfortable time for you – enjoy it. There may be some delays or restructuring at work from September 9 onwards — part of a six-month process — so let it unfold without forcing.

Air Signs: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Gemini: Without a doubt you’ve felt the entry of action planet Mars into your sign in late August, amping up the volume. Mind the gap as you dance the foxtrot! A great month for extra self-care in between your constant errands.

Libra: While working behind the scenes is not your usual style, it pays off during September. Avoid one drink too many at the Full Moon – you have an empire to build now!

Aquarius: You’re feeling the pressure to end the year on a strong note — so make that final push as the finish line is in sight. Wait until the last two days of the month for genuine romance; the rest of the month sees joint finances requiring your attention.

Water Signs: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces

Cancer:  The Pisces Full Moon either fills you with a deep sense of spiritual well-being or sees you caught in the emotional undertow of others’ world views – the choice is easy. Keeping a low profile is advisable until further notice.

Scorpio: Something powerful is building within you – but you’re not yet sure what it is. Sit with that for now and enjoy this month of friendships and camaraderie. The Full Moon period (September 9 – 10) promises movies, magic and music.

Pisces: If a partner or the world feels more critical than usual, find ways to let off steam creatively. You have important changes going on in the family now and you don’t have the time to hide in your cave. It’s time to break out your secret fairy dust stash!

Happy September everyone —

May the Sun shine upon you,


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