October’s Moon Messages

Dear Friends,

As the presence of electronic information and communication grows exponentially in our daily lives, I feel the need to write shorter posts. It is not more content that we need, but something else. We need substance and discernment. We need the courage to do less, to switch off our phones, and head to a picnic!!

I’ve aimed to distill the essential Moon messages for the Libra/Scorpio Season:

Full Moon in Aries: October 9, 16h54, New York

Find the freedom to be yourself.

Emotional courage emerges under pressure.

Only through acceptance of your situation will right action emerge.

Full Moon at 16 Aries, set for New York, October 9, 2022, 4:54 pm EDT

New Moon in Scorpio, Partial Solar Eclipse: October 25, 06h48, New York

Penetrating perspectives enable you to see that what you attract corresponds to your inner state.

What does it mean to share an experience with someone?

Rekindle daily practices which make you feel alive. The emphasis is on doing and feeling, not on thinking.

New Moon at 2 Scorpio, partial solar eclipse, set for New York, October 25, 2022, 6:48 am EDT

Be Happy! Be Brave! Enjoy October!

May the Sun shine upon you,

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