February 2022: Planetary Check-in

“Aquarians are the mental pioneers, the forward thinking individuals who live in the future and not in the past. They are outgoing and impersonally friendly and appear to have a great deal of confidence. The fixity of the sign is not apparent on the surface, but Aquarians are inflexible in their ideas and cannot be pushed into anything they do not want to do.”

Isabel Hickey, ‘Astrology, A Cosmic Science’

Dear Friends,

There’s something about Aquarius Season that stirs the soul to think out of the box and embrace a new angle on things! Aquarius is the sign of the collective, and I’m refreshing the blog to celebrate this sign and to respond to my growing audience. Happy birthday dear Aquarius friends!

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February also feels like a good month for a health check-in, with such extreme climates being experienced both north and south. In this light, there’s a video offered on the twelve signs and their connection to both the physical body and the energetic centers, the chakras.

Something that has struck me forcefully of late is that, no matter how long it takes us, we all end up living our charts. Life has a way of taking us to our destination. Life has the answers. Let us move toward Life with full purpose in our hearts. Thank you for your trust as we journey through these new and energizing times together!

A picture taken on my daily walk. I love to watch the birds’ habits change over the seasons.

Planetary Check-in for February

February promises a genuine shift of energies! Prepare to step up and step out!

January 2022 has been a month of endurance for many, with much inward-turning and deep reflection taking place. With Venus, the planet of what we value, retrograde from mid-December until end-January, there’s been plenty of time to reflect on what we hold dear. And with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde from mid-January until February 5, it has felt intuitive to many to slow down and not force one’s agenda.

The Sun’s shift into Aquarius on January 19 followed closely on the Moon’s Nodal shift into the signs of Taurus/Scorpio. The Nodes were last traveling through Taurus/Scorpio in April 2003 – they tend to follow an 18-year cycle – so it’s worthwhile to reflect on the important personal connections that were made between the spring of 2003 and December 2004. I, for one, met my husband, married, and emigrated to a foreign country during this period.

The signs which the Moon’s Nodes travel through also indicate what signs the year’s eclipses will take place in. For those of us with planets in either Taurus or Scorpio, now is a good time to clear the decks, as we prepare to receive the energy of the eclipses in 2022. Eclipses may offer personal shifts and opportunities for awakening.

All the planets will be moving in a direct motion in February, and slowly gathering speed, enabling us to begin moving out of “limbo” and into manifestation. However, it must be stressed that we are now in a very powerful “unwinding” part of the energetic release created by the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021. The dip in the stock market in January, the political backlash against restrictions, and the sense of facing the consequences of our actions since lockdown is now potent.

View the February 1 New Moon Chart

How can we understand the Saturn-Uranus square? Saturn represents forces to stay in place – limit movement – stop travel – control the masses – create firm boundaries – protect the old – law and order – while Uranus stands for the energies of freedom of movement – let the masses speak – dismantle boundaries and border controls – let the young take the lead – rebellion and protest. We’ve experienced these two forces in conflict for much of 2021. This year, 2022, is about the aftermath of this conflict, as when a river finally finds its true path to the sea. Now we wait and see which force – Saturn or Uranus – will reach the ocean first. It is my hope that it will be a blend of these two currents of universal energy.

All of this global friction is happening at the same time as the United States goes through a veritable rebirth, with Pluto returning to its natal position after 246 years, encouraging this country to re-examine its founding principles.

The next two years are critical in how we handle tensions between conflicting interests. Pluto promises that we all need to let go of something before we can begin again.

It is time to be fearless and to be humble. There is much opportunity for self-empowerment and for growing community. Keep smiling.

Love and Light,


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