Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Every Full Moon calls us to bring something to fruition. Open your heart. Breathe. Step into your self. Pay attention to what your Wizard of Awareness is trying to tell you. He lives within your subconscious and asks you to watch the events and feelings which trigger you – from a distance. The Wizard ofContinue reading “Happy Full Moon in Leo!”

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

Every New Moon calls upon us to begin again. Questions from our past may return during this New Moon phase: Where do I belong? Am I part of a group or am I going my own way? How can I access my own individuality in an authentic way? As we ponder our answers, it feelsContinue reading “Happy New Moon in Aquarius!”

February 2022: Planetary Check-in

“Aquarians are the mental pioneers, the forward thinking individuals who live in the future and not in the past. They are outgoing and impersonally friendly and appear to have a great deal of confidence. The fixity of the sign is not apparent on the surface, but Aquarians are inflexible in their ideas and cannot beContinue reading “February 2022: Planetary Check-in”