Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

Every New Moon calls upon us to begin again.

Questions from our past may return during this New Moon phase:

Where do I belong?
Am I part of a group or am I going my own way?
How can I access my own individuality in an authentic way?

As we ponder our answers, it feels as if things begin to move forward.

New Moon at 12° Aquarius, Chart set for New York. February 1, 2022, 0:45 am EST

As February progresses. There is a growing realization of the need to manifest plans and structures in the material world – plans for the future which confirm that we are out of limbo.

A call to authentic action from the second week in February onwards is strongly supported. Inertia after this date may close doors, so let’s resist sitting on the fence or the sofa!

Aquarius Message:
You can be authentic and still be part of a group

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