Astro-planner for Leo Season 2021

‘Leo is of hot and dry nature (igneous). Its angel is generous (karîm); he holds the keys of the creation of the future world.’

Mystical Astrology According to Ibn ‘Arabi, Titus Burckhardt

Period July 22 – August 22, 2021

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 

July 22, 2021, at 10:26 am EDT: The Sun moves into Leo, and a new solar cycle begins. The Sun rules Leo is is said to be most at home in this fiery sign. Happy birthday dearest Leo friends! New readers to this blog may wish to read all about the qualities of the sign of Leo here.

Leo rules the heart and through this sign we acknowledge the central role of the heart in the body and the Sun in our solar system. The heart and the Sun are linked together through divine vibrations, and astrology guides us to open our hearts in order to find our core purpose. So often it is the experience of suffering in life that enables the heart to open and the natal Sun to shine.


July 22, 2021: Venus opposition Jupiter Rx as the Sun enters Leo. This might spell over-indulgence – except that the Moon in conservative Capricorn is putting the brakes on! A good day to reassess your financial situation and take preventative measures against emotional spending patterns.


July 23, 2021, 10:36 pm EDT: Full Moon at 1° Aquarius, the first of two Full Moons in the sign of Aquarius during this solar cycle.

Charubel calls 1° Aquarius the degree of lassitude, while Diana Roche in The Sabian Symbols suggests that this degree is about ‘the probability of the improbable’ – there are some things in life that you just cannot control. Associated with this is the natural inclination of all events to come to a head, sooner or later, just as at a Full Moon.

At this Full Moon you may experience a natural build-up of tension; remind yourself that you are not in control of how people act, of the weather, or of unexpected situations! Perhaps you will be asked to assume the role of the calm leader when plans suddenly change. With the Sun in Leo (the leader) and the Moon in Aquarius (the group), there is a wonderful opportunity here to move between these two polarities. With Mercury applying to an opposition with Pluto, be particularly mindful of not getting sucked into any verbal disputes.

This Full Moon is also activating the area of the zodiac where the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 took place at 0° Aquarius – reactivating this signature of collective change. As a race we are being propelled forwards into a new era of innovation and technology, as represented by the air symbology of the sign of Aquarius.

Full Moon at 1° Aquarius, July 23, 2021, Chart set for New York

July 28, 2021: Jupiter moves back into Aquarius where it will remain until December 30, 2021. It will travel back as far as 22° Aquarius so check out your charts to find out which house 22° Aquarius – 0° Pisces falls in. This is the area of your life which will receive a final push or expansion before 2021 ends. Because Aquarius is an air sign and rules mass communication, you could be working on finalizing certain social media endeavors or group projects begun online during the pandemic.

Other significations for Jupiter in Aquarius are:
᭡ teaching a group
᭡ transitioning to a new octave in your life
the death of thoughts that no longer serve your evolution
᭡ going on an overseas journey
᭡ sharing ideas with people from all over using technology
᭡ expanding your mindset by trying out a new system or methodology
᭡ cementing your own personal philosophy.

When Jupiter re-enters Pisces on December 30 (until May 12, 2022) we will be given the gift to integrate any suffering we may have experienced in 2021, and to move forward with abundance and grace.

July 29, 2021: Mars enters Virgo and will be in opposition to Jupiter for the next few days. Virgos, this begins a month of increased energy for you – use it well. With Jupiter in the mix the potential is there for anyone to over-exercise or over-spend, to over-analyze or over-indulge! So aim to tackle manageable projects – and to know when you’ve done enough – then rest.

August 8, 2021, 9:50 am EDT: New Moon at 16° Leo, an opportune time for you to set your intentions for the month ahead. The New Moon in Leo this year is closely connected to both Mercury and Uranus, and loosely connected to Saturn. Innovative and creative ideas will be easy to tap into at this time, as will the staying power to enact them.

The Venus-Neptune opposition, August 8 – 9, also enhances creativity – just keep your head clear when it comes to love, especially if it involves giving too much of yourself away to another.

New Moon at 16° Leo, August 8, 2021, Chart set for New York

August 16, 2021: Venus enters Libra (until September 11), bringing Libra Suns and Libra Risings a respite from friction, and the rest of us a time to tap into harmony and to polish our social skills. The lost art of conversation may yet be revived!

August 19, 2021: Uranus turns retrograde at 14° Taurus

August 22, 2021 at 8:01 am: The second Full Moon this Leo Season at 29° Aquarius! Find the house in your chart where 29° Aquarius falls – is it the same house as 1° Aquarius, the degree of the first Full Moon on July 23? There is bound to be plenty of activity in the area of life which this house rules during the Leo season!

Notice in the Full Moon chart below that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde now, making it challenging for each of them to express their intrinsic energy, for better or for worse. The Moon is also in an exact quindecile aspect to Mars in Virgo, denoted by the dotted line in the chart below.

This 165° aspect between these two planets suggests the potential for moodiness, anger, frustration or passionate emotional convictions. Instead of anger or frustration, you may wish to put your convictions into constructive action at this time. In this way we bring our inner, subjective (lunar) and outer, objective (solar) worlds into alignment. Also bear in mind that Aquarius is about humanitarian endeavors and group consciousness, and that this sign is being emphasized this month.

Full Moon at 29° Aquarius, August 22, 2021, Chart set for New York

Leo season is a special time of year – a time to open the heart and enjoy the company of family and loved ones. Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you, like me, may find heart-warming times with family and friends over the Leo season.

August 22: Sun enters Virgo just after the Full Moon! I’ll see you at the Virgo update!

Love and light,

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