Astro-planner for Taurus Season 2021

‘When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.’

Queen Elizabeth II, Taurus

Period April 19 – May 21, 2021

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 

April 19, 2021: The Sun moves into the sign of Taurus, the Bull, and we are well into the year! Happy birthday to you, dear Taurus!


Taurus is a fixed, earth sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus rules Libra by day (its masculine/yang or outward expression) and Taurus by night (its feminine/yin or inward expression).

Venus rules material beauty, pleasure, and embodies the concept of harmony. When Venus manifests through Libra, harmonious relationships are emphasized; when she manifests through Taurus, material and natural beauty, and pleasurable surroundings, are key.

The glyph for Taurus (above), represents the bull, which is the symbol of the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, and the bull is known as the animal which embodies our connection to the earth through the plowing and planting cycles. The bull also represents fertility and virility. In the northern hemisphere, the Sun’s move into the sign of Taurus marks the time of year when the land becomes fertile again after the long winter, and is ready for planting.

Taurus season is the stabilizing part of the spring season and the sign of Taurus has a stable (fixed) quality to it.

Venus as ruler of both Taurus the Bull and Libra the Scales

Taurus people tend to preserve and maintain the beauty of our world by supporting the arts, planting gardens, and ensuring that harmony prevails – and usually manage all this in a quiet and unassuming way. They are more often than not even tempered yet, like their symbol, the Bull, may flare up from time to time when sufficiently goaded.

Note how Queen Elizabeth II (Taurus) has focussed her energies on maintaining the monarchy as a stabilizing force during her reign. She has been a quiet and enduring patron of the arts and of nature, and is known for her even disposition.

Taurus rules the neck, in particular the throat, larynx, thyroid, vocal cords, and the lymphatic system. For those with strong Taurus placements, such as the Sun or Moon in Taurus, it is important to engage in moderate exercise to keep the metabolic system in balance and the thyroid functioning optimally. Furthermore, as Taurus is a cold and dry sign, warm drinks are favored to promote digestive health.

The Taurus archetype attracts those in the arts, in particular singers, as well as those in the financial and management industries. There are also Taurus Sun, Moon and Ascendant folk who farm, or work with the earth in other ways, as well as those in the herbal/medicinal and bodywork professions. Bear in mind that Venus is linked to pleasure (actors, performers, musicians, entertainers, gamblers), beauty (make-up artists, jewelers) and arts and crafts (designers, decorators, and artisans).


April 22 – 26, 2021:

This is an extremely energetic, possibly volatile period – use it wisely! Venus and Mercury join up with Uranus, followed by Mars changing signs on April 23, moving into watery Cancer. On April 24 – 25, Venus and Mercury both square Saturn. What does this mean for us?

We may have brilliant ideas and insights into why we act the way we do, and what drives our behavior. Cherish these, and adjust your actions accordingly. Change is possible now, as are reversals of previously held positions and beliefs.

The use of resources and financial matters also come under the spotlight now. What do we wish to preserve and how can we readjust our vision for our financial future? It’s time to sit down and do some resource planning. We may also expect strong fluctuations in the stock market at this time.

Check your chart to see if you have any planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius between 9° and 14°, as you will most likely be dealing with money matters. With so much energy about, avoid making big financial decisions such as lending or borrowing money. Also take time to ground yourself with a walk in nature or by engaging in some yard work.

Best planting day is April 26 with the waxing Moon in fertile Scorpio (plant for length at this time).

Those of you with planets at 0° -2° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn will be most affected by the move of Mars into Cancer, as will all Aries and Scorpios (as Mars is your ruling planet). Be aware of what you put out into the world at this time as it will tend to have a wide impact. Energy levels may also undergo an adjustment at this time.

April 26, 2021, 11:31 PM EDT: Full Moon at 7° Scorpio (see chart, above). The Scorpio Full Moon is traditionally a time where we are called upon to heal wounds from the past, or to work with new information about events that happened in the past. At this Full Moon these themes will be particularly emphasized as Pluto will be standing still from earth’s perspective, as it prepares to station retrograde. When Pluto is emphasized in a chart, the realms of the unconscious are deeply felt, and the doors to the underworld lie open.

If you’re on track with your life, this Moon may bring a wonderful sense of fulfillment and fruition.

More mundane themes during the Scorpio full moon include the possible exposure of government corruption and new medical discoveries – or the exposure of past coverups.

On a spiritual level the Scorpio Full Moon is the time when the life of the Buddha is celebrated. This takes place on April 26/27 in the tropical zodiac, and on May 25/6 in the sidereal zodiac. As most Buddhists live in the east and use the sidereal zodiac, the official Wesak festival takes place this year at the end of May. Needless to say, the Scorpio Full Moon for us who use the tropical zodiac is a potent time for meditation and deep reflection.

Sun shining through Tian Tan Giant Buddha

May 4, 2021: Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs he rules. The month of May will favor communications and business transactions.

May 8: Venus moves into the sign of Gemini where she’ll be until June 2. For all my Gemini friends and clients, this is your window for increased family happiness and togetherness, a new romance, or simply a time of increased pleasure and sociability. Enjoy!

May 11, 2021, 2:59 PM EDT: New Moon at 21° Taurus: The Sun and Moon in earthy Taurus, with Mercury, Venus and the North Node in Gemini. Chiron squares Mars at 11° of Aries-Cancer. Which house does the New Moon fall in your chart? This is the area you wish to activate at this time. If you don’t know the house, this is the time to begin anything that you wish to grow over the course of the month, from revenue to a new attitude. With Mars-Chiron in the mix, healing is once again highlighted: what can you do practically to step into a new cycle?

‘Work is the rent you pay for the room you occupy on earth.’

Queen Elizabeth II, Taurus

May 13: Jupiter ingresses into Pisces, a positive vibration of all of us, no matter what your sign! Use the couple of days before May 13 to tie up loose ends from last autumn. Tell your heart that it is now time to allow increased joy into your life, and to let go of some of the most challenging events of 2020.

May 20: Sun moves into Gemini, and eclipse season is upon us! The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius coming up on May 26 will be the first in this year’s series – stay tuned!

May you all experience the bountiful fruits and the sensual pleasures of the Taurus season –

Love and light,

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