Astro-planner for Aries Season 2021

‘Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.’

Robert Frost, Aries

Period March 20 – April 19, 2021

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 

March 20, 2021, 5:37 am EDT: The Sun moves into the sign of Aries, the Ram, and we begin a new solar cycle. Happy birthday to all my Aries friends and readers!


Aries is a cardinal, fire sign and is ruled by the planet Mars.  Mars rules Aries by day (its masculine/yang or outward expression) and Scorpio by night (its feminine/yin or inward expression). Mars in its purest form brings action and daring, and when the Sun is in Aries there is a core of courage at the heart of the chart.

The glyph for Aries (above), represents the horns of the ram, which is the symbol of the sign of Aries. The ram is one of the animals traditionally associated with spring. The position of the Sun at the spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere) marks zero degrees of Aries and the beginning of the astrological year. Aries therefore has an initiating (cardinal) quality to it.

No matter which hemisphere they are born in, Aries people tend to embody a youthful and inspirational quality which does not dissipate with age, similar to spring and new beginnings.

The Aries archetype is associated with loyalty and courage. Mar’s rulership of Aries gifts the self-discipline, self-control and vitality of the soldier, while Aries’ position as the first of all the signs may bestow a certain naivety or innocence. Take special note of the sign that Mars is in in the natal chart and any planets which are close to the Sun. For example, an Aries with their natal Mars in the sign of Libra may be fiercely conflict-adverse, while an Aries with natal Mars in Capricorn may be tirelessly ambitious and worldly-wise.

Aries rules the head, in particular the sinuses, as well as the brain. While the sign certainly is linked to inflammation and fever due to the heating properties of Mars, it is also associated with vitality. In fact, the Sun is said to be raised up or exalted in Aries, and many people with a strong Mars or Sun in Aries may possess robust health and tireless energy.

The Aries archetype is not linked to a specific vocation: wherever a challenge lies, that is where they will go. They may be doctors, healers or mystics, writers, actors or musicians; teachers, soldiers or presidents.


March 20, 2021: Today marks the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere (and the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere) – hooray!! The suggestion from this year’s Aries ingress chart is to ground yourself strongly during these few days. Set down roots through walking barefoot, getting your hands dirty in the garden or kitchen, and generally getting “out of your head”.

What projects are you planning at the start of the astrological year? Divine energies from the Sun are pure and potent at this time. Allow them into your life through simple actions such as spring cleaning your home or yard with attention, or planting something new. The best planting day is March 22, with the Moon in fertile Cancer.

March 21, 2021: Venus leaves the watery realms of Pisces and enters Aries. A day of high energy for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius folk! For all of us, a good day to put ourselves out there… that is, if we have something considered to say.

March 23, 2021: Mercury square Mars at 11° Pisces/Gemini. Choose the path of harmonious communication!

March 25, 2021: Sun conjunct Venus at 5° Aries. Celebrate the change of season by getting active!! All gods and goddesses need fresh air and exercise, and today promises something good.

March 28, 2021, 2:48 PM EDT: Full Moon at 8° Libra (see chart, above). The Libra Full Moon is traditionally a time where we are called upon to look beyond our comfort zone and relate to others in a new way. This year at the Full Moon we have the Aries Sun dancing with both Venus and Chiron, the wounded healer.

Are we whole enough within ourselves to find a new way of relating to others? Or are we so intellectually self-sufficient that we keep others at a distance? This can be a profound time of allowing old relationship wounds to come to the surface and be transformed. We may be gifted with seeing beyond the illusion of our pain to the heart of the matter, especially in the days following on from the Full Moon.

Robert Frost, Poet & Playwright (March 26, 1874 – January 29, 1963)

March 30, 2021: Venus energies are highlighted today. Examine how you relate to others and if you expend more energy than necessary in your everyday interactions. Where does your energy flow when you react negatively towards someone and how do you feel afterwards? Does some of that energy flow back to you?

March 31, 2021: Sun sextile Saturn at 11° Aquarius: easy flow for self-disciplined tasks. Make good use of it!

‘Freedom lies in being bold.’

Robert Frost, Aries

April 11, 2021: New Moon at 22° Aries: A new cycle begins for us all! Mercury (our mindset) and Venus (how we relate) are together with the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries. This concentration of Aries energy provides a wonderful opportunity for initiating new projects. Pluto’s energies provide the force needed for overcoming obstacles, but take care not to overdo things.

Sometimes a lack of water activated in a chart warns us against excessive emotion or, on the other hand, a suppressed emotional response. It may be interesting to check in with your feelings over this New Moon period and watch what comes to the fore.

April 13, 2021: Sun sextile Mars – use this high energy day to unleash your power potential or tackle creative endeavors!

April 14, 2021: Venus enters Taurus where she is right at home. Venus in Taurus loves to enjoy and preserve beautiful objects, to serve bountiful meals, and to take care of wealth creation. Celebrate the abundance of life over the next month while Venus sojourns through this earth sign. (Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on May 9).

April 17, 2021: A promising day for writing, as well as for any kind of communication or health breakthroughs (with Mercury hooking up with Pluto, and the Moon making many alignments). Make it work for you!

April 19, 2021: The Sun enters Taurus and we begin the more settled part of the season. Wishing you a delightful start to the astrological year!

Love and light,

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