Astro-planner for Libra Season 2020

Pierre Bonnard

Draw your pleasure, paint your pleasure, and express your pleasure strongly.

Pierre Bonnard, Libra

Period September 22 – October 22, 2020

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 


September 22, 9:31 am EDT: The Sun moves into the sign of Libra, the Scales, and we begin a new solar cycle. Wishing you a wonderful birthday year, Libra!!


Libra is a cardinal, air sign and is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus rules Libra by day (its masculine or outward expression) and Taurus by night (the feminine or inward expression of Venus).

The Libra archetype is one who uses intellect (air) in order to facilitate an harmonious outcome in all areas governing social interaction and social justice. This appears to be contradictory – how can love (the epitome of social interaction) and law (the basis of social justice) come under the same sign? Yet they do, because the basis for a committed harmonious relationship is when both sides abide by the same unspoken rules, which they both consider fair.

The symbol for the sign of Libra is the scales, representing the balance of justice where the merits of opposing factions must be weighed. The scales represent both society’s laws and the laws of proportion with regards to artistic and social harmony.

The Libra archetype is searching for the balance. If balance is not found, love turns to war, harmony to disharmony, and justice to injustice. Reflect on the fact that Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house, which represents both the marriage partner and open enemies.

French Post-Impressionist painter, furniture designer and printmaker Pierre Bonnard (October 3, 1867; Fontenay-aux-Roses, France, 10 am), exemplifies the Libran search for harmony of space and harmony in relationship. In his case he found the former through color, and the art world is indebted to his revolutionary use of his palette to evoke place, and create a feeling a harmony in his paintings. His love life was also distinctly Libran; for years he was unable to choose which of his two models he loved the most. Bonnard has Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the sign of Libra.


The Sun’s entry into Libra marks a sacred time on our solar calendar. The earth appears to pause a moment, and the day and night hours are perfectly balanced, like the scales of the sign Libra. In the northern hemisphere we celebrate the autumnal equinox, while in the southern hemisphere, we celebrate the vernal, or spring, equinox.


Wherever you are, this is a time to seek your inner balance. Reflect on how much time during each day you spend outwardly – running around doing things and taking care of others – and how much time you make for quiet contemplation, reading uplifting material, and honoring the exercise needs of your body. While life is demanding on all fronts for so many of us at present, the time of the equinox is a reminder to restore the balance. So often we neglect the inner for the outer! Last year we focussed on letting go of self-judgment at this time.

Plant growing through the cracks


September 29, 2020: Saturn moves direct at 25° Capricorn, then squares Mars (more about this under the Full Moon segment). Expect to revisit themes from the first ten days of February 2020. If possible, plan some extra rest into your schedule on this day.


From September 9 – November 14, Mars will invite us to revisit the period July 26 to end August and give us time to integrate some of the projects and energies that came up during the busy Leo cycle.

Mars retrograde periods can be productive times where we turn our energy inwards and are able to focus on discipline and self-control. The shadow side of Mars retrograde sometimes manifests as suppressed anger which, if held down for too long, can erupt. Being forewarned, we may choose our path this month with calm clarity. During Mars retrograde periods, it is the aggressor who looses.


Full Moon in Aries Chart 2020

October 1, 2020, 5:05 pm EDT: Full Moon at 9° Aries: The Sun in Libra is opposite the Moon in Aries, highlighting the opposing forces of pioneer and diplomat. Once again, we are asked to look at ways we may bring our lives more into balance. Consider how much you do for yourself and how much you do for others, and decide what small changes you can implement to increase equilibrium.  

With Mercury applying to oppose Uranus at the Full Moon, the tendency to fixate on one point of view is there. We will have this aspect at its strongest on October 8 and 19, as well as November 18. Make a conscious effort to let go of mental tension at this time. If others wish to hold what in your opinion are radical views, let them. It is favorable to go about your business quietly at this time.

The Full Moon chart also has a square between Mars and Saturn (exact on September 29), which we’ve all been feeling for a while now. Courage, Impetuousness, and Action (Mars) meets Wisdom, Ponderousness, and Restraint (Saturn) in a relationship which implies friction between freedom and controls. It’s easy to see how this action is playing out in the world between those who wish to open up society and move forward, and those who wish to keep Covid-19 restrictions in place. With Saturn moving direct a day earlier, the old guard might have the upper hand, but tensions are inevitable.

Looking again at the energies symbolized by Mars and Saturn, we see that neither is good nor bad, they are simply opposite ways of deploying energies. Stand in the center of your chart.

It may be harder to see how this energy is manifesting in your own life; I suggest looking at recent frustrations in accomplishing your goals, or a feeling of being pressed to the wall with nowhere to turn. Please hang in there! This energy will wane as the month of October progresses. Furthermore, feel gratitude for this aspect because it may be here to teach us the art of detachment. Looking again at the above energies symbolized by Mars and Saturn, we see that neither is good nor bad, they are simply opposite ways of deploying energies. Stand in the center of your chart.

The Window, Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947)


October 4, 2020: Pluto moves direct at 22° Capricorn, having been retrograde since April 24. We will begin to see the political climate heat up further, and slowly feel the wheels of planet earth begin to turn again.

October 6 -8, 2020: Pluto joins in the party and squares Mars retrograde. A superb time for super efforts of the inner kind. In other words, if you’re kicking a bad habit or starting a new, healthy habit, now is the time. Use the potent power of Pluto to overcome resistance and make yourself proud. Because Mars is retrograde, it may be harder than usual to make achievements in the outer world, but not impossible. Avoid anger, fixation on your own ideas, and spreading negativity.


October 13 – November 3, 2020: Mercury in its retrograde motion. The Mercury-Uranus opposition mentioned above is all the more potent as Mercury will be in its retrograde cycle for part of the time. Communications may be challenged or interrupted, and it will come as no surprise if the election results in the United States are contested and we have to wait weeks before a final outcome. Perhaps there will be no clear outcome. Having been forewarned, you can relax and let things unfold. None of us are in control of these large karmic events so a detached mindset in this regard may be for the best.

Mercury will be traveling between the portion of the zodiac from 25° Libra – 11° Scorpio so take note if you have an angle or planet in this range. As always, Mercury retrograde can be a productive time if you accept from the outset that there may be technological delays and that things may not move forward in a straight line. Use the time to practice your inner listening skills and tune in to different points of view. Try to schedule more breaks into your day. In this way, you allow time for mental rest, which is the message from Mercury to all of us at this time.


October 16, 2020, 3:31 pm EDT: New Moon at 23° Libra: time to begin again and set our intentions for the month ahead. The Sun and Moon are in a T-Square with Mars and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto, so there’s energy waiting to be released. Be mindful of what you put out at this time – all energy wants to go somewhere, and can either be used for raising one’s level of being, or lowering it.

Everything affects your life, from the music and shows you take in, to the food you eat, and the thoughts you think. The more aware you can become of what you are thinking and feeling, the wiser your life choices will be.

Everything affects your life, from the music and shows you take in, to the food you eat, and the thoughts you think. The more aware you can become of what you are thinking and feeling, the wiser your life choices will be.

I find that the biggest hurdle for clients to leap over is their own mindset – patterns of disempowerment or negativity which have been “living them” for years. This is an opportune time to reprogram outdated beliefs about how you think your life should be, and start to follow through with your intentions. All we have is today – what will you do with it?

October 19: Mars squares Jupiter at 19° cardinal signs. A good day to practice humility and moderation; forces may incline one to hasty actions, opinions and reactions. Take it easy and pause to consider that your opinions are only a product of your birth, upbringing and experiences.

I should like to present myself to the young painters of the year 2000 with the wings of a butterfly.
Pierre Bonnard, Libra

October 22, 2020: The Sun enters Scorpio – look out for next month’s Scorpio season Astrology Update. May you find a measure of peace and perhaps practice random acts of kindness until we meet again.

Love and light,

21° – 29° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn)
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