Making the Most of Mars in Aries, July-December 2020

Exercise is favored under a Mars transit through Aries

For all 12 signs and rising signs

Mars, planet of action, drive and courage, will be traveling through the sign of Aries from June 27, 2020, until January 6, 2021. Mars is the natural day ruler of Aries – we say that Mars is in domicile (“at home”) in Aries. Mars usually spends no more than two months traveling through each sign but every 26 months or so, due to its retrograde motion, Mars will spend an extended period in one sign.

How and Where will you Best use the Energy of Mars?

When transiting Mars is in Aries it has the ability to ENERGIZE the relevant house of your chart through which it is traveling. Each of us will have Mars energize a specific area of our lives for six months. How will we use this energy? There is always a choice.

Environmental Factors Affect Astrological Outcomes

The coronavirus pandemic has affected each of us in a different way, and we need to take this into account when reading the forecast below. The expression of this Mars transit, and in fact that of any astrological direction, can be limited or expanded by environmental factors. The pandemic, the economic environment or natural disasters are just some of the factors that can alter the experience of any transit to one’s personal chart.

Personal Attitudes Affect Astrological Outcomes

Our attitude to life is also an exceptionally important factor to take into account when reading a forecast. Are you an optimist, filled with drive and ambition, who will grab onto Mars energy with both hands and use it to further your ambition? Or do you abhor conflict and may struggle to integrate a potentially assertive energy into your life? Astrology asks us to become increasingly aware of inherent personality traits as well as natal chart factors which affect our response to transits.

Increase exercise during the Mars transit of Aries

Perhaps a conflict-averse person with natal Mars in Libra will decide to put transiting Mars in Aries energy to good use by amping up her exercise program and her ambition to succeed at school or work. Perhaps an assertive Mars in Capricorn person will choose to put transiting Mars in Aries energy to good use by consciously making extra time to walk in nature and de-stress.

Astrology also asks us to become increasingly aware of potentially self-defeating attitudes stemming from our mindset which can work to block the flow of an energy-enhancing transit such as Mars through Aries. As you think, so the world is.

Mundane Astrological Viewpoint

Transiting Mars in Aries has different implications for world events than for individuals. Mundane astrology shows that transiting Mars in Aries will be activating the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions by square and there will most likely be increased friction, unrest, and national and global tension during the July to December period. We are already seeing the start of this in the United States with racial tension, symptomatic of the Sun, Mars, Neptune and Venus retrograde making some challenging aspects to one another. It is up to each one of us to remain as centered as possible during this time.

Retain A Spiritual Outlook Whenever Possible

Stay in the present, do the best you can do for each day, and reduce your news intake. Focus your energies on your family and your community, and on where your unique spirit can be of service.

Enjoy the forecast below and may you make the most of transiting Mars!

Aries and Aries Rising

You’ll be receiving a super-charged dose of action energy with your ruling planet, Mars, activating your core energy at this time!

The six months from the beginning of July to the end of December are a powerful time for you to step up to the next level in your life. You’ll have plenty of energy to achieve your goals. Be mindful of two things:

Firstly, think twice before you act. Haste is your enemy now and reflection, your friend.

Secondly, direct your increased energy towards the most profitable and effective channels. You want to work hard but you don’t want to work in vain.

On another note, you ruling planet will be taking an action break from September 9 until November 14. Why don’t you do the same? Retrograde periods are good for catching up with yourself and rejuvenating projects that have been put on hold.

Let your independent nature shine during these six months and follow your bold pioneering spirit where it leads!


Taurus and Taurus Rising

You’ll have action planet Mars traveling through the area of your chart which highlights deep spiritual change and the kinds of inner processing which happen in the depths of your subconscious.

When 2021 comes around, all this processing behind closed doors will finally emerge out into the open and your sense of a new beginning will be profound.

From July to December you have much secret work to do. Be on the lookout for adversaries and competitors who may not have your best interests at heart, especially those who try to convince you that they do!

Also bear in mind throughout these six months that you cannot fight fire with fire. Walking away from conflict may be your best approach. You are asked to continually strengthen your self-worth and shower yourself with beauty and nature’s bounty.

Remind yourself that since Uranus entered your sign in March 2018, change is here to stay. There is no going back to old patterns or old ways, in spite of the comfort they may offer. Onwards and upwards!


Gemini and Gemini Rising

You’ll be receiving an harmonious flow of energy from action planet Mars from July to end December 2020. This easy flow requires you to put in effort in order to make things progress. Once you put the effort in, results tend to happen smoothly.

The Mars transit occurs in the area of your chart which deals with money and rewards coming in from your workplace. Your attention is going to be focused here during this six month period – perhaps you are attempting to recoup lost gains from the ‘Shelter in Place’ situation. Things appear to move forward in July and August, and then from mid-September until early November there is an opportunity to backtrack and review best business practices, or to shift your career focus. Note that your ruling planet will be retrograde from October 14 until November 3 and these few weeks are an excellent time to revisit concerns that had to be put on hold earlier this year.

If you’re not working, or looking for a new job, July to December is fantastic for energizing your heart’s desire: what kind of job do you really want and how can you make it happen? The Mars transit may offer incredible assistance from support organizations who can point you in the right direction.

Still another manifestation of this transit, Gemini, is that some of your friends may appear more driven – or even aggressive – than usual. If conflict arises, this is your opportunity to work things out. You don’t always need to be right – and you do need to learn how to listen to others’ opinions! Cultivating this skill now is bound to make you even more attractive at work and out in the world.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

You’ll have action planet Mars moving through your career sector from July to the end of December in an aspect which requires you to expend great effort in order to gain tangible benefits. If you’re not working now, this sector of your chart rules that part of your life where you are most visible in your community. Everyone has a role in some sense.

This is your push-through time Cancer, the last stage of the marathon where you must find your reserve glucose and put on an extra burst of speed. Your ruling goddess, Artemis, was known for her skills in the hunt and her ability to keep up with the swiftest of her creatures, the deer. Keep her in mind when you yearn for nothing more than to put your feet up on the cosy sofa and dream. Instead, send off another resume or amp up your office hours, advertise your services or reach out to those in need.

Channel your energies wisely over this six month period, bearing in mind that over-sensitivity or co-dependence can sap your strength. Mars energy may feel harsh at times but it is a necessary part of nature and it can offer you the drive now to stand up in the world and be counted. Your nurturing nature and purity of purpose are much needed now!

Your best approach out in the world is through some sort of leadership role. Leading is instinctive to your core energy so don’t get tangled up in “shoulds” or “should nots”. You can move mountains now if you are willing to overcome obstacles in your path – and play a pivotal role in your tribe’s future.


Leo and Leo Rising

You’ll be receiving an easy flow of energy from June 27 to the end of the year with action-planet Mars in an harmonious relationship to your rising sign. With this kind of aspect you can expect cooperation if you expend energy towards your goals. The downside is that you might feel so comfortable with the status quo that you sit back and let vibrant opportunities pass you by.

Your physical vitality looks high during this period. Taking on projects which further your goal of being your own boss should come easily to you.

If age appropriate, use these six months to explore study and travel plans – the broader your reach now, the better. Alternative philosophy books and Lonely Planet Guides want to be on your bedside table!

If you’re currently working, there have most likely been several unpredictable changes at your place of work or in your business since March 2019. While these continue for a few years to come – in order to get you to a place where your job reflects your need for self-expression – you’ll be given a bit of a break from July to December to revisit unfinished business (from February/March 2020).

Next year looks to offer increased structure and greater opportunities to manifest your ambitions.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

You’ll be receiving energy from action planet Mars in the area of your life which encourages you to focus on your own psychology, as well as on inheritance or tax issues.

You’re being asked to look at your patterns closely now. Do you notice any hint of escapism, martyrdom and/or self-sabotaging habits which keep you from your goals? You may finally be mature enough to decide you’ve had enough and are ready to cultivate a more optimistic mindset.

Your health and vitality also requires a fresh approach at this time: adjustments are needed and only you know where to make them. Bones and teeth need taking care of, especially if you’ve put appointments off during the Covid-19 stay-at-home period. You have six months to fine tune your body so that you can get back into alignment. Remember that pain is your body’s way of asking for assistance.

Watch your potentially ingrained habit of feeling responsible for the overall maintenance of the lives of those around you. If you have this tendency, it often leaves you feeling under-appreciated. The more you value yourself, the more others will value you!

If you are initiating any important projects during this time frame, August is a good month for this.


Libra and Libra Rising

You’ll have action planet Mars in an opposition aspect to your Sun or Ascendant, encouraging you to work on bringing balance into your relationships. There are two main areas of focus for you from July to January:

Firstly, the area of your chart which represents your business partner or partners is being energized. There may be pressing issues that need to be confronted during the next six months between you. If handled correctly and with wisdom, these discussions may lead to increased earnings or a better situation for you in 2021, as well as the resolution of a long-term concern. Your mantra is, “I speak my truth with courage and sincerity”.

Secondly, your spouse or long-term partner: your relationship will be receiving a six-month dose of active energy courtesy of Mars. Will you allow this to manifest in provocative or disruptive behavior or will you channel this energy into rejuvenating your relationship? Look out for ways that your partner complements, rather than mirrors, you. There’s also nothing like this transit to encourage you to turn fiery energy towards yourself and to embrace a new healthy way of living.

If you are without a job and/or unmarried, then look to that area of your life where you most engage with the public. This will be your realm for speaking your truth now.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

You’ll have your ruling planet Mars from July to end December in an area of your chart that demands attention to both your daily routine and to your body.

Firstly, it looks as if you’ll have more opportunities to get out of the house and energize your day to day routine – which has been rather lackluster since March. Whether you’re now traveling to work after a long absence or switching gears due to upheavals caused by the coronavirus pandemic, patience is your watchword.

Consider subordinates who may work under you, or people in your life who rely on you for support. Be extra mindful of their feelings and needs during this period – can you offer them the support that you wish to receive yourself?

Secondly, your vitality may be high at this time – yet rushing about is not favored. Taking it slowly can help to avoid the risk of injury. Eat and sleep a little more than usual, allowing your body to adjust to any new circumstances without driving yourself too hard.

The week of September 9 sees a change of pace for you. Shift into a lower gear until mid-November and process what’s been going on.

Your search for healing is a search for intimacy, and intimacy begins with self-love. This year is providing you with yet another opportunity for rebirth.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

You’ll have Mars the action planet traveling through and energizing the area of your life dealing with intimacy, pleasures, speculation, pregnancy and children.

If you have children, these months may see you spending more time with them than you anticipated, or dealing with their concerns more than usual. Why not consciously decide to let go and enjoy this time like never before? You may wish to plan a trip or activity with your kids that you always wished your parents had done with you when you were small – but never did.

Your daily routine has shifted so many times since early 2019, you’re still struggling to cement any changes. For now, go with the flow. Showing up for work each day – if you have work – seems like enough to manage.

If you’re too young for children but are in an intimate relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, this is a wonderful time to enjoy your time together without too many complications,

For all, steer clear of compulsive speculation on the stock market or impulsive bets at the gambling tables. Risks are high at this time and hasty investments can lead to losses. The NYSE is still extremely volatile and looks to remain so well after the presidential inauguration early next year.

Your ruling planet Jupiter begins to move forward again in mid-September and life may begin to have a semblance of “normal”!


Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

You’ll be receiving the six month transit of Mars in the area of your chart which energizes endings and new beginnings, your parents, home and family.

There is the potential for hard work and tremendous self-assertion which needs to be channeled in order to bring several projects to conclusion. It looks like there will also be leftover energy for unusual creative projects or fun time with your children. Yay!

Make extra time to call, FaceTime or visit your parents, wherever they are. It is a wonderful period to clear the air of any unfinished business between you. Also try to assist with any aging parents’ health concerns or medical insurance issues.

Those born January 10 – 18 need special mention as your charts are extremely active this year. It may feel like a time of extremely hard work just to keep the threat of loss at bay. Or it may feel as if you’re having to give up something dear to you at this time for your own spiritual development. Please hang in there – you are continuing the process of clearing out the dead wood so that you can begin afresh in 2021. Note that you have the ability at this time to use what you already have in order to enhance your success.

For all of you, the StayHome experience has been novel and has brought many rewards, not least of which has been to bring you closer to your family. Keep this special time close to your heart, always.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

You’ll have action planet Mars in an easy aspect for six months, offering you support and opportunities from those in your community and increased contact with siblings and old school friends. If you’ve ever thought of writing or blogging, but haven’t begun, NOW is your time!

The changes you’ve experienced since March this year are enormous. However, from July to December you’re going to get some time to complete unfinished business from before the coronavirus pandemic. This is so that you can clear the decks before committing to something new in 2021. If you’re buying or selling a house, early next year is a promising time.

For now, take some kind of action towards serving your community. You may wish to use your communication talents to spread the need for increased equality and freedom – from whatever position feels most comfortable.

For those of you born February 9 – 13, you may be more sensitive than usual to toxic environments, alcohol and medication at this time. Get out of the house and walk (in nature) as often as is possible!


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Pisces, you’ll have action planet Mars from July until end December traveling though the area of your chart which represents your self-worth, resources, possessions and money.

You’ll therefore have plenty of opportunities to let go of patterns of self-defeating negativity and/or anxiety. Shifting your mindset in a positive direction can lead to a genuine boost in self-confidence.

You may also take up, or return to, an exercise regime, as well as cut down on alcohol, drugs, sugar, or anything else that is slowing you down. Foods which cause inflammation in the body are shown to be particularly harmful during this period. Make an effort to increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries and nuts.

Finances… again! Yes, it seems as if life is revolving around money for a while now. Use these six months to see where you can tweak your efforts to gain increased monetary benefit. Can you turn the economic crisis, a stumbling block, into a building block? How can you offer a service for the greater good that simultaneously boosts your own resources? Go for it!


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