Astro-planner for Gemini Season 2020

Paul Gauguin Nave Nave Moe

Life is hardly more than a fraction of a second. Such a little time to prepare oneself for eternity!’

Paul Gauguin, Gemini

Period May 21 – June 20, 2020

All dates and times according to Eastern Daylight Time 


May 20, 9:49 am EDT: The Sun moves into the sign of Gemini, the Twins, and we begin a new solar cycle. Many happy returns, Gemini!!

Gemini is a mutable, air sign and is ruled by Mercury. Gemini energy is known for its quickness, flexibility and brightness. Those with Sun in Gemini usually have a way with business (think Mercury/ ‘merchant’/ ‘mercantile’) or are, at the very least, able to spin a good yarn when the need arises. Being able to talk oneself in or out of a deal is, more often than not, the core of success in the business world.

Gemini friends, this month Mercury and Venus (in her retrograde motion) will be joining your Sun in the sign of Gemini, giving you a compelling need to re-evaluate your identity. Who are you to the world? What do you really want from your closest relationships? How can you find greater balance between alone time and time with your community?

For all of us, local community is becoming increasingly important as we find new ways to reach out to people and connect in spite of the coronavirus. The solidarity of our local community – be it a street, a village, a farmer’s market or a town organization – is an appropriate goal for us now.


There is a lot of mutable energy about this month which encourages us to go with the flow. We may strive for resolution, defined guidelines and clear answers – but find them elusive.

Neptune in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini, and Venus retrograde in Gemini all highlight the need to keep our self-confidence on an even keel. Be vigilant. Prevent confusing subliminal messages from the environment and the media from affecting your equilibrium. Perhaps take a moment before you find yourself agreeing with someone else’s viewpoint. What do you really think?

You may wish to read my article on Venus Retrograde in Gemini which includes traditional advice for all Venus retrograde periods or watch my videos. One video is for May and June 2020, sign by sign, the other is for Wisdom Old & New during any Venus retrograde.

Mars, the planet of action, is also in a mutable sign (Pisces), urging us to put our empathetic feelings into action. Volunteer or offer free services if this is possible for you. Trust your intuition over and above what you hear or read, and, if reasonable, wait until the end of July to make any serious plans or commitments.

Mercury and Venus are out of bounds at this time, seeking freedom of thought and freedom to socialize. It may be a challenge to stick to the rules!!

Gemini Ingress of the Sun Chart
The Sun’s Ingress into Gemini

May 20, continued: In the chart above for the Sun’s ingress into Gemini, the Moon is closely conjunct Uranus. This can feel agitating for the nervous system so make a plan in advance. Possibly a walk or a short drive will release some stress.


May 22: New Moon at 2° Gemini AT 1:38 PM EDT – it’s hard to believe another lunation cycle has passed us by and it’s time to begin again! This New Moon encourages us to approach the coming month with an open mind-set. As we start to reintegrate slowly into society, let’s keep the keywords versatility and adaptability close to our hearts.

The sign of Gemini is very much about wishing to relate to one another in a light-hearted way. We will be yearning for new ways to socialize this month and it will take all our inventiveness to find joy amidst restrictions. Saturn is trining this New Moon symbolizing that while many restrictions are still in place, we are learning how to navigate them. Once again, we are reminded that a flexible and open mind-set is our best ally now. Plan something fun and light-hearted for the month ahead to increase joy!

Twin birds at New Moon by Ralph Mayhew

The sign of the twins asks us to harmonize the opposites within ourselves – the happy and sad. Can we find our equanimity as we set out into an uncertain world?

May 24 – 26: Mars sextile Uranus: planetary energies suggest an increasing desire for freedom and independence. Hopefully opportunities for moving things along present themselves!

May 28: Mercury moves into the cardinal sign of Cancer and we can expect some important public announcements at this time. We also need to be aware of increasing tension and conflict due to Neptune and Mars. Mars is also square Venus retrograde – all the niceties seem to fly out the window. Can we find it in our hearts to begin again? And again…

June 3 – 9: Sun square Mars: time to get active! Avoid conflict wherever possible and seek nature or other means of your choice to get rid of tension. This period requires a philosophical outlook – don’t buy in to martial overtones and find yourself sucked in to negative manifestations of this strong energy. Think twice before you say or do something you may regret at a later stage.


June 5: Full Moon at 15° Sagittarius at 3:12 pm EDT. This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse and launches the eclipse season. There’ll be lots of bewilderingly rambunctious energy about with Neptune-Mars squaring the Moon and Sun. What are our hidden desires?

We usually feel like celebrating at the Full Moon because we have excess energy to discharge. Those of you who’ve been reading my updates for a while now know that I recommend staying especially close to yourself the day before, and the day of, the Full Moon. It is a wonderful time for reflection, and with all the mutable energy about, staying relaxed and open to change is our way forward now. With Mercury sextile Uranus, new ideas and inspirations may flood in! And by all means, relax and enjoy a real or virtual adventure.

June 12 – 14: Mars conjunct Neptune. Avoid anything that sounds too good to be true during this period, such as cheap thrills, scams, fake news, bargain sales, and smooth-talking politicians! This applies for the entire month too!

June 17: Mercury in Cancer stations retrograde for about three weeks giving us a chance to revisit home projects previously put on hold, and catch up with family and old friends. Cooking for recreation and release is also favored!


If you haven’t done so already, you may wish to read my ideas on the broader perspective of the coronavirus. It’s strange to recall that when I wrote the article in March, I hoped I was not being too intense in my outlook. Yet the astrology is loud and clear. We are going through enormous change and it’s not over yet.

While the coronavirus will undoubtedly lessen over time, there is a strong likelihood of increasing national and international tension as the year progresses. Another challenging period awaits us in February 2021 with a possible re-emergence – hopefully small and contained – of the virus. I hope I’m wrong. The New York Stock Exchange also looks volatile again around this period. We are in for long-term house-cleaning.

The gift of astrology is that it teaches us that all things are cyclical. The underlying message of astrology is that we look upon the good times and the not-so-good times with similar composure and equanimity. Are we able to cultivate a calm center from which to wait out the storm? Or are we flung high and low by every tempest?

All planetary cycles, whether personal, national or global, are ultimately about the resolution of karma. The United States, with her upcoming Pluto return (2022 – 2024), is certainly in the process of clearing out old karma (248 years of it!!) to make room for a fresh start in 2024/5.

June 20: Sun enters the sign of Cancer – and it’s the summer solstice! Look out for next month’s in-depth Cancer season Astrology Update.

Be well, love and light,

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