Making the Most of Mars in Aries, July-December 2020

For all 12 signs and rising signs Mars, planet of action, drive and courage, will be traveling through the sign of Aries from June 27, 2020, until January 6, 2021. Mars is the natural day ruler of Aries – we say that Mars is in domicile (“at home”) in Aries. Mars usually spends no moreContinue reading “Making the Most of Mars in Aries, July-December 2020”

Venus Retrograde: Time to Re-evaluate

Venus is a nocturnal, feminine planet, and the brightest planet in our sky, followed by Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are said to bring blessings because their intrinsic nature is beneficial to life, growth and fertility. What happens when Venus turns retrograde, as she does in 2020 from May 14 to June 26? Does her abilityContinue reading “Venus Retrograde: Time to Re-evaluate”