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May your stars align in 2019!

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Dear Friends,
Wishing you health and prosperity in 2019,
May the Sun shine upon you, today and always,



December 31/January 1: The New Year begins with a Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn, a Moon-Venus conjunction in Scorpio, and Mars entering Aries! How does this translate? There’s nothing to fear if your life is in relative order and you’re steering with your own inner spiritual compass. You’ll feel ready for just about anything! For those of you running from dealing with a situation, this period will see reality dawn. Expect the cold unadulterated truth, served with a dollop of emotional intensity, and garnished with everything you thought you’d never say/do – right out in the open

January 5: New Moon at 15 degrees Capricorn (partial solar eclipse, 8:28 pm in New York). For those of you who love New Year’s resolutions, this is the New Moon for you! There’s plenty of mental strength and discipline around to make it all happen. So set those goals and aim high. Robust activities and disciplined routines start here. Prediction: the gyms will be full this week!

January 6: Uranus moves direct at 28 degrees of Aries. You have from now until March 7,  2019, to finish off things you began 7 years ago. (What were you doing between March 2011 and January 2012? Did you begin some new venture?) It’s time to make way for Uranus in Taurus! You may find yourself putting down roots and building up your bank account. You’ve got 7 years to do this, from March 2019 until April 2026. Planetary energies are on your side

January 8: Venus leaves Scorpio (at last!) for freedom-loving Sagittarius. While the first week of January may be oh so serious, things start to lighten up after the 8th. We can say goodbye (and thank you) to all the deep emotional processing that’s been taking place since September 10 and move forward into our Joy

January 21: Full Moon at 0 degrees of Leo (total lunar eclipse, 0:15 am in New York). Expect the unexpected and take hold of opportunities offered to you – yes, life can get more intense than it is now! (And you’ve actually been wishing for change since last summer.) There’s also a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 1 degree of Sagittarius (trine the Moon in Leo, and Mars in Aries!) – please look at the sky and see bright and beautiful Venus-Jupiter! What can we say except, ‘Reach for your highest success and you will achieve it!’. If you can avoid too much of a good thing, this is your time for self-motivation, pulling out all the stops, and triumphing over your fears. If you are prone to mood swings, avoid mind-altering substances between January 20-22. If you’re born around December 4 – 9, this could be the day to propose to your loved one or buy a lottery ticket!

Wishing you self-knowledge and fulfillment this year

Celestial Planner for March 2018

Sunset on Water, Pisces. Courtesy of

Dear Friends,

March begins with a lot of mutable energy about, calling us to be open to change. As the sign of Pisces is emphasized, we may be feeling more sensitive than usual. Balance any escapist or addictive tendencies with practical acts of kindness, both to yourself and others. You know your deepest wish for your life – how can you nurture it daily?

The Full Moon on Thursday, March 1, helps us put into perspective the events brewing since January 31. The Moon and Saturn connect harmoniously in earth signs in the Full Moon chart, calling us to ground our energies. We may experience strong tensions during this time between the wish to act decisively and the wish to hold back. Can a fresh perspective help us to resolve these opposing forces?

From March 7, planetary energies shift gears and we’ll feel the pace increasing as the month unfolds. All the personal planets move into the cardinal (“doing”) modality by March 18, allowing us to get day-to-day things accomplished. Jupiter, planet of justice and reward, however, slows down. Look to the house in your chart that contains the mid to late degrees of Scorpio to find out in which part of your life you’ll experience this slow down.

On a national level, the United States Sun remains at the midpoint of Saturn/Pluto for most of the year. This is extremely challenging for our country as we suffer the manifestations of privation and mass violence. At its most positive level, Saturn/Pluto pictures can manifest as “endurance and the capacity to make record efforts of the highest possible order”*. Let’s remember this, and persevere at our own efforts for a better world, however small these efforts may be.

May the Sun shine upon you,

 Full Moon Chart March 1 2018, Copyright Catherine Goshen, 2018



March 1: Full Moon at 11 degrees Virgo. Avoid emotional sentimentality and work in the garden or the kitchen, clearing and organizing

March 7: Mercury and Venus both move into Aries. Be mindful over the next few days of what you wish to project to the world. There’s a lot of fire (action) and water (emotion) about with no air (thought) to balance hasty pronouncements

March 9: Jupiter moves retrograde at 23 degrees of Scorpio. It will turn direct in July at 13 degrees of Scorpio. Watch for more information coming to light over the next few months concerning last year’s numerous sexual misconduct scandals

March 17: New Moon at 26 degrees Pisces. Use this day for creative or soulful pursuits as you set your intentions for the month ahead. On March 18, Mars shifts signs into Capricorn, facilitating getting things done. Plan your weekend ahead!

March 31: Full Moon (Blue Moon) at 10 degrees of Libra

*Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences

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May I Delay? Yes!

The Astrology for May 2016

Dear Readers, how are you faring?

The month of May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde, calling on us to take time off from our usual forward-moving, technologically-enabled lives. If you’re experiencing delays, car or computer set-backs, or simply feel like relaxing at home, this is normal! Mental doubts and communication/travel glitches will clear up after May 22 when Mercury stations direct.

We’ll have to wait until June 29 for Mars to move forward, so use this time productively for planning. Most importantly, don’t allow delays or blockages to get you down. Everything in life happens for a reason and you don’t always have to know why. Isn’t that a relief?


New Moon Chart, May 6, 2016, Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


Power periods this month are May 6–10 and May 20–22.

Use the first period to create or refresh practical routines on New Moon (in Taurus, May 6) and watch these new habits grow and gain momentum (around May 9). May 9-10 is a promising period to complete any unfinished business left over from the first half of January.

Use the second period to host a gathering on Full Moon (in Sagittarius, May 21) and then broadcast your ideas to the world (May 22). If you have business contracts or legal agreements to sign this month, try to wait until after May 23. Detest delays? Sometimes a delay can save you a lot of extra work later on!

May the Sun shine upon you,

March forward with Sensitivity!

Welcome to Astrology Update!


 P1040033 (2)

There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 9 (at 19 degrees of Pisces for those of you who know your charts) and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 (at 3 Libra, echoing the eclipse of September 28 last year).

Eclipses mark endings and beginnings; the ancients were able to predict the rise and fall of kings by understanding them thousands of years ago. While emotions run high during and after the eclipse period, so does the possibility of revelation and change – as what is normally hidden is revealed.

Eclipses are particularly powerful when they contact a planet or point in your (or a country’s) chart directly. Hillary Clinton’s Moon is around 22 degrees of Pisces while Donald Trump’s Neptune is at 5 Libra. It will be interesting to watch the political temperature this month in the United States, especially as Hillary’s Moon will be reactivated by another eclipse later this year on September 16 (at 24 Pisces).

In between the two March eclipses the Aries equinox on March 19-20 sounds the gong for the start of the astrological year as the Sun moves out of Pisces and into 0 degrees of the first sign of the tropical zodiac. Yet in spite of this energetic and fiery Mars energy, sensitive energy is still very much available as Mercury, Venus and Neptune remain in watery Pisces. Are you able to watch the Sun rise on the equinox and take a moment to reflect on your place in our solar system?

I’m available for short or long astrology sessions, either over the phone or in person. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining clarity and insight into life’s ups and downs. It helps us to see that there is indeed a plan for our lives and that we are here to learn, to grow and to experience.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Forward-moving February

Welcome to Astrology Update!


Dear Friends,

We are all feeling the power push at the moment to take action in our lives and the way appears to have opened in the past week. The job interview finally happened or the move/seminar/visit took place – and we can now jump feet first into the year!

Try to stay centered. Relationships may be experienced as very intense for the next few weeks. Any tensions are coming up in order to be healed so try not to shove them under the carpet with a “business as usual” attitude. It may be helpful to call on friends for support.

Let’s set our intentions for the new lunar cycle on Monday, February 8, at New Moon, which is also the start of the Year of the Monkey (birth years 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980 and 1992).

The Full Moon on February 22 in Virgo promises insight into where we need to adjust our daily routines.

Enjoy the night sky: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are all visible at certain times until February 20!

May the Sun shine upon you,


A Special Note for those born 1986 to 1989

Remember how old you are! If you’re approaching 29 or 30, your change potential this year is very high. Use this time productively to make mature decisions for your future – in spite of any possible feelings of confusion.

For those of you in the 27 to 28 year old range, now is your time to prepare for major structural change in your life. It is as if you are living out the closing chapter of your first book of life. Seeds planted this year will flower within 20 to 24 months. Awareness of this cycle means you won’t be caught by surprise and have a wakeup call forced upon you.

Happy New Year! January 2016

Welcome to Astrology Update!


I hope you all had the opportunity to experience the Full Moon on December 25 and to take a moment of reflection under its silvery beams. For many who celebrated Christmas, there was a downright non-traditional element to the day, courtesy of Uranus stationing direct.

‘Embrace that which is different while focusing on self-empowerment’ might be a good motto with which to sing in the New Year.

I suggest using the first couple of days of January to plan for the month before Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th, allowing us time to focus on deep thought and reflection. New Moon is on January 10, in determined Capricorn, possibly assisting a new project to get off the ground. Be patient.

January 25 will see us back in the saddle again, with Mercury moving forwards after a regal Full Moon in Leo.

Wishing you all a year of growth and prosperity in 2016!

May the Sun shine upon you,


By Jove, it’s the end of the year!

Welcome to Astrology Update!

View from Hook Mountain

The Sun is travelling through the jovial, fiery and expansive sign of Sagittarius. For those of us born under this sign, especially during the first ten days or so, we are more than likely feeling the ambitious and practical pull of paternalistic Saturn in our lives right now. This might involve plans to restructure our home or business practices over the next 6 to 12 months. It’s also a great time to take up weight-bearing exercise to strengthen our bones and/or to make that long-deferred dental appointment!

The journey of Saturn through Sagittarius also affects those of us born under the signs of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces – and it can be a powerful time for all of us who are working to make major structural changes in our lives. Accept more responsibility with grace; this attitude will light your way.

Let’s set our goals for the coming month on December 11 at the New Moon. This is also a great day to draw up our budget or to work on anything which requires a structured mindset. A plan can help us to avoid rash holiday purchases as well as providing a sense of order in the frenetic energy which sometimes accompanies the year’s end.

It’s Full Moon on December 25!

May the Sun shine upon you,


Workshop on the Elements: report back!

The Elements by GoshenAstrology


September 19, 2015, 2pm, Piermont NY: There was a wonderful vibration at this workshop – thank you to all who participated! The Yoga House is a special space and the atmosphere there contributed to the calm way in which everyone took in the material presented.

I aimed for an experiential understanding of the elements where we spent a lot of time understanding how fire, earth, air and water manifest in the charts and daily lives of the participants. Everyone went home with their unique chart and elemental “balance sheet” which they’d calculated themselves! There was also a slideshow presentation to cement what we’d sensed and spoken about.

Sunny skies,

Transitional September

Welcome to Astrology Update!

We have entered the mutable phase of the season – of summer if you live in the Northern hemisphere and of winter if you reside in the Southern hemisphere. This is a time of transition when we prepare for the next season, which will be heralded in by the equinox on September 23.

Indeed, this month’s Virgo archetype of the earth harvest maiden suggests a time of gathering, as well as a time of discarding. As we sort the wheat from the chaff, we might discover a new feeling of discernment arising concerning whom we wish to associate with as well as how we interact with the world. If the last six weeks have shown you something profound in how you relate to others, or you have seen something new in how others behave – can you mark this insight and blaze a new trail?

Tallman Cairn - Which Way Now?

To assist you on your way there two eclipses which occur on September 13 and September 28 – mark your calendars. The first is a partial solar eclipse at New Moon (at 20 degrees Virgo – especially significant for those of you born September 11-15 or who have a planet at this degree) and the second is a total lunar eclipse at the Full Moon (at 4 degrees Aries – potent for late March birthdays). Eclipses tend to reveal that which has been hidden and needs to come into the Light.

With expansive energies continuing through the sign of Virgo, a gentle reminder that we may all benefit from a positive change in our exercise and health routine.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Harmonize this August!

Welcome to Astrology Update!

Rejoice!! The Sun is in kingly Leo and there is much to be thankful for, including a golden full Moon in Aquarius to mark the last day of July. Get your dancing shoes on and be the belle of the ball for the night – or find a group of open-minded friends and talk ’till dawn.

For all of us, August will not be the ideal time to redecorate our homes or begin a new romance or business partnership. Rather, one of the best ways to utilize the energies ahead is to review the way we interact with others.

Are we satisfied with the daily tone of our relationships? Are there patterns of relating which could be harmonized? Are we playing the same role over and over again… and growing tired of it? Let’s try to stop the cacophony and move to a new tune.

August is also an ideal time for us to simplify our lifestyles. Let’s declutter, try to spend some time alone, and review our financial plans for the coming months.

Work-related plans put on the backburner in March are bound to gather speed again in the coming weeks. Move forward with grace and courtesy – it will smooth the weeks ahead.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Innocence and Kindness