July & August Astrology 2023

The pictures in this post are from my recent trip to Harriman State Park, a time to hike, to listen to the silence and to be with my husband and children.

Dear friends,

The Sun is now halfway through its journey within the zodiac sign of Cancer, and today we celebrate the Full Moon in Capricorn. Have you found yourself looking at your finances, or making plans as to how to manage your resources moving forwards for the second part of the year? The Cancer-Capricorn polarity evokes the need to find the balance between home comforts and work security, and Capricorn Moon periods are helpful times for assessing one’s fiscal wellbeing.

The next few days are also perfect for tackling home projects on your to-do list, or working on craft projects. Staying focused is important now with abundant energy pouring in to our world from high-frequency planet Uranus (as it contacts both Venus and Mars). This energy can easily be wasted – your mindful attention allows it to be suitably directed. Create – don’t wait!

July: Living in Tune

One of the most positive planetary aspects I’m seeing over the next few months is the Uranus-Pluto trine in earth signs (now that Pluto is back in Capricorn until the end of the year). A Uranus-Pluto trine offers up unexpected and far-reaching opportunities. This trine is further enhanced by beneficent Jupiter also traveling though earthy Taurus. You may be offered work or social opportunities at this time! Are you prepared to get practical and potentially to increase your income?

This energy strengthens as July flows into August: Mercury and Mars, both in earth sign Virgo, join the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto party to form a golden triangle. Think big and be open to events which seem fortuitous but are, in reality. golden opportunities!

New Moon Chart for July 17, 2023, 2:31 pm EDT, New York. New Moon at 24° Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on July 17 is a wonderful time to take a look at your wardrobe and throw out clothes which are now too youthful or which hold too many memories for you. With Venus moving retrograde a few days after the New Moon, it’s important to accept the reality of time passing with regards to all things that Venus rules. The most important of these are: beauty, love and lust, and money. Reflect on your relationship to each of these earthly things. How can you honor the fact that you’re older and wiser now, and relate to Venus differently than you did in your youth?

Another way to embrace the July-August Venus retrograde period is to reflect on the summer of 2007 or the summer of 2015, when Venus was last retrograde in this part of the zodiac. What were you dealing with then, and how has your attitude towards love, life and money changed since then?

The Sun enters Leo, the fiery part of the zodiac where it is at home, on July 22 (9:50 pm in New York). This is the height of the summer in the northern hemisphere and a time to celebrate the vitality of life. Leo is associated with generosity and leadership, so open your heart, step up, and shine! 

August: Dancing in Tune

August begins with a beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius on the 1st of the month. The Moon and Sun are seen squarely by Jupiter – we will be excused if over-generosity and exuberance gets the better of us at this time! Gather together with your tribe and let your collective hair down. A beautiful balance between individual energy and group consciousness is possible during these days.

Full Moon Chart for August 1, 2023, 2:31 pm EDT, New York. Full Moon at 9° Aquarius

The golden triangle in earth signs builds throughout August so keep your eyes open for practical ways to embody your ideas. There’s plenty of fire-based inspiration to assist, especially around the time of the New Moon in Leo on August 16. Set your intentions and dream your dreams!! The only caution is, with Venus retrograde, this may not be the best time to begin a new romance or invest in a new business. If you are rekindling an old flame or reinvesting in an old venture, this makes planetary sense.

The month ends with deeply reflective Full Moon in Pisces on August 30 (9:35 pm, New York). The Moon and Sun are closely connected to karmic lord Saturn, bestowing this period with a serious energy. If you’ve been working towards fulfilling an ambition, this could be the time when your stars align. Bringing work projects to fruition is favored, as is writing. Positive communication opens doors now (Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter).

This post for both July and August as I refresh my website and travel. I hope that you, too, will be enjoying time with family or friends during the Cancer and Leo seasons! Wishing you a healthy and sunny July and August. no matter what the weather —

May the Sun shine upon you, Catherine