HOROSCOPES: November 23 – December 23, 2019

William Blake Jacob's Ladder

Read for your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your Rising sign for the time period beginning November 23 until December 23, 2019. Enjoy!

“You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.

-William Blake, Sagittarius


Sagittarius, happy birthday to you!! This last year has seen you broaden your horizons and take on new responsibilities. Reflect on your achievements as your birthday month begins; the coming year will be about consolidating these gains. Your New Moon is on November 26 with bountiful Jupiter in the final degrees of Sagittarius. If you have one last effort to make before 2019 ends, your day to start this endeavor will be November 27. Treat yourself at the spa or salon this month too – a makeover is favored early in the cycle.


Capricorn, there is a lot of action in your house of finances this month. On the one hand, money appears to go out, which is not unusual at this time of year! Simultaneously, money appears to come in – are you perhaps receiving a bonus? While only you know how this will play out, it’s a good time to remember that our house of money in astrology is also our house of self-worth. Stay centered on positive thoughts and make a conscious commitment not to give in to negativity. With Venus travelling through your sign, there will be portable treats, treasures and trinkets strewn along your path this month – enjoy!


Aquarius, short journeys are on the cards for you this solar cycle so pack your overnight bag and favorite travel pillow!  You’re connecting with siblings in a meaningful way; they may even help you with resources at this time. Set time aside to both read and write – ideas are flowing and you’re impatient to get them down on paper. Pause until after the first week in December before you make any declarations public. Safe and happy travels!


Pisces, your solar cycle is centered around home and homeland. This could be something as important as buying, selling or renovating a house, or receiving good news about your green card/citizenship application. It looks as if whatever initiative you take this month will end up prospering. One caveat of all this abundance is a warning against over-indulgence: take it easy over the holidays with your food & wine intake. You know how sensitive you are!


Aries, this is a powerful solar month for you. Not only is the transiting Sun in your element of fire, bestowing a free-flow of energy your way, but your ruling planet, Mars, is strong right now. You have the ability to cut to the chase in all matters – just be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. There is the potential for you to experience a sudden awakening, as if from a dream (the past that has held you back for so long), and to know with clarity your next step. Ponder this: are you able to let go and have fun without any preconceived notions?


Taurus, this is your month to take your exercise regime in hand and introduce a change. What inspires you? Can you use this inspiration to motivate yourself to be healthier? The other side of this coin is that you might be trying too hard to heal yourself and be well and, quite frankly, you’re tired of it all. If this resonates with you, open up to trying a completely different approach this month to your health and well-being. Perhaps all you really need to do right now is to lie on the sofa and eat some chocolate.


Gemini, it’s all about your significant relationship this solar month. It looks as if you can’t recall when last things were so intense with your partner. “Intense” is neither good nor bad, it’s just, well, intense. You may have recently had to revisit some feelings from the past as old friends have come back into your life. The upbeat news is that any challenges you may be experiencing in your partnership are shown to be within your power to change. Attitude is key now. If you are currently single, take note of who you regard as a business partner or a rival at work. Is your attitude tinged by competitiveness? It may be just the time to acknowledge this and let it go. If you’re in a new relationship, enjoy the beauty!


Cancer, friends are supportive right now, playing a positive role in your life as they provide you with much needed harmonious social interactions. You need this relaxation time as there are other worries on your mind, such as your business partner’s finances or your partner’s earnings. The best way to utilize this solar cycle is to do some research on the various financial packages out there, and to compare returns. You may find some good news! It also looks as if you’re “gathering” yourself, gaining strength before you put yourself more into the public eye in the new year. Honor this more inward cycle!


Leo, while this may sound hackneyed, it looks as if you might meet someone important this month. (It is my job to write what the chart shows!) Travel is also very much on your mind, and I don’t mean a two-hour trip upstate but rather a long-distance trip to an exotic (or at least far-flung) destination. If nothing looks that glamorous and you’re simply flying off to be with family over the holidays, pack a great philosophical book and commit to reading it.


Virgo, you’ve been making great efforts recently to move forward at work but somehow it feels like one step forward, two steps backward. This is an interesting place to find oneself in because a certain attitude of surrender begins to soften one’s ambition. The deep inner processing you’ve gone through recently as your ruling planet has been in retrograde motion has brought much into the light. All indications now are that you’re in a cycle where you need to take it easy. For the next four weeks, relax and take the pressure off yourself.


Libra, your solar chart reveals there are rewards coming your way from work – a bonus or accolade perhaps? Or a deep inner feeling of satisfaction of a job well done? While you enjoy this reward, take time every day to center yourself and focus clearly on what you wish for your future. Friends and colleagues support you in your effort, as you support them. Take a break on December 11-12 as the Moon waxes full; these are good days to “go slow” and squeeze in an extra hour of sleep if possible.


Scorpio, it’s been a time of profound inner processing for you. Now all of a sudden there’s an urge to action, a sudden jolt toward freedom, a brilliant intensity and a strong need to act. Be cautious. While action feels inevitable, pause and consider this: will hasty action perhaps not do you more harm than good? You have immense self-control – put it to good use now and choose the perfect time to execute your plan. Once your path is clear, there’s no stopping you.

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