Astro-planner for November/December 2019

Thankful by Debby Hudson


November 22: Sun moves into Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign which we associate with jovial Jupiter. The Sagittarius archetype is concerned with the duality between the philosophical mind (as it applies human values to social laws) and earthy, everyday existence (as it manifests through the sensual desires). Happy birthday dear Sagittarius friends! Age suits you well!

November 24: Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus at 3 degrees of each sign. This is an often turbulent, non-submissive energy; added to the mix is the Moon in Scorpio applying to Mars in the early hours of the morning EST. On this same day we have a beautiful alignment of Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, in the heart of our Galactic Center. Do you have any planets or angels in your chart at 26-28 degrees of Sagittarius?

The best way to focus these astro-weather patterns: Mars-Uranus asks us to hone our laser-beam focus into projects which require technical skill. Uranus favors spiritual shifts, modern technology, and thinking out of the box. Venus-Jupiter asks us to align with our higher purpose and allow abundance and adventure into our lives. Live the generosity and open-mindedness you wish to see in the world.

November 26: New Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius (10:05 am EST). This new moon is configured with Saturn and Pluto, offering grounding and depth to our intentions. The Mars-Uranus configuration from November 24 is still active, giving impetus and action to our ideals. Venus has just entered Capricorn on the evening of November 25, offering a serious and committed tone to our relationships.

November 28: Happy Thanksgiving! Neptune stations direct at 15 degrees of Pisces, applying to a trine with Mercury in Scorpio. Idealism can be a good thing, but remember to take off your rose-tinted glasses at some point during the day. A one-in-a-million idea (Mercury-Neptune coupled with Mars-Uranus) needs grounding in order to manifest.

Summing up, the entire week from Saturday, November 23 to Saturday, November 30, is jam-packed with inner and outer adjustments. It’s a holiday week here in the United States. Be sure to center yourself before travel and be extra mindful of your inner dialogue. A positive outlook usually leads to a positive outcome.

December 3: Jupiter leaves Sagittarius, his masculine domicile, and moves into Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, where he will sojourn until December 2020. We may experience a national “tightening of the belt and budget” as well as more government control of the banking sector over the coming year. For now, take note of which house in your chart has Capricorn on the cusp. This is the area of your life which will be activated by Jupiter this year. Jupiter in Capricorn is traditionally in its “fall” (think of Saturn’s restrictive nature as the antithesis to Jupiter’s expansive one). Depending on your outlook, Jupiter in Capricorn may be just what is needed right now…

December 6 – 8: Mercury touches the same degree it stationed retrograde on, on October 31. See if there are echoes and patterns between what was happening in your life around October 29 – November 3 and now, December 6 – 8.

December 9: Mercury finally leaves the watery depths of Scorpio for Sagittarius. When Mercury is in Sagittarius we need to think before we speak. We really do… test this for yourself! Mercury will remain in this sign until the end of December.

December 11: Venus in Capricorn conjunct Saturn. Serious energies to bring ideas down to earth in the material world. Paint, choreograph, design, write, and build. Hard work pays off now.

December 12: Full Moon at 19 degrees of Gemini with both the Sun and Moon squared by imagination-enhancing Neptune. At the full moon in Gemini we are asked to open ourselves to fresh ideas, to be curious, and social. With Neptune in the mix, creativity is a wide-open mirror. Communicate, regenerate and be inquisitive!

December 13: Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. As the full moon energies begin to unwind, take note of any intense feelings today. Can you channel them into something far-reaching and powerful?

December 21: Sun moves into Capricorn at 11:19 pm EST. Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and meaningful winter solstice! May the light of the Sun burn bright within your hearts and hearths during this festive time (and in your BBQs if you are in the sunny southern hemisphere!). A time of hope and mystery…

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All dates and times according to the Eastern Daylight Time calendar

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