HOROSCOPES: October 23 – November 22, 2019

Read for your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your Rising sign for the time period beginning October 23 until November 22, 2019. Enjoy!

‘Every mistake you make allows you to be honest because what’s in the dark will come to light, so it’s better to be truthful about it.’

—Nayvadius Cash, Scorpio (hit album: Pluto)


You’re in a period of adjustment right now which goes against your nature; you generally like to move forward quickly without too much deliberation. Duties both at home and at work can sometimes feel overwhelming – be sure to keep going with a happy heart as resentment is your worst enemy now. Make time to figure out what’s going on in the office with people who work in lower ranking occupations than your own – can you help them out by listening to them? This is also a wonderful solar cycle to focus on your health (less coffee perhaps?) as you’ll experience increased energy levels in just a few weeks. By November 20 your adjustment period is over!


Your close partnership is undergoing an unexpected shift at this time, possibly through separation caused by travel or due to the rather candid talks you’ve had of late. As your independence increases and you leave your comfort zone of the last seven years behind, it’s normal that your relationship will change as you do. You’re finally shedding the layers that kept you safe and protected until you were ready to soar; perhaps your partner wishes the best for you too. And if you’re single right now: your partner may be the person you meet in the mirror each morning – make time for a serious dialogue with your alter-ego.


You live in interesting times. You’re entering a period of reflection now where your identity is shifting – even the way you look may be going through a makeover. Other people’s resources buoy you up as you get to grips with the image you wish to project to the world. You have until mid-December to work on this new you, so give it your best effort. Your taxes may need attention at this time so make some time to go through the books. Alternative healing therapies such as acupuncture / shiatsu / chiropractic / herbalism are favored to help you make an internal shift now.


Your sense of purpose and direction is clearer than it’s been for a long time at the outset of this solar cycle. Your confidence is on the up as you take on a new role with the assumed mantle of leadership. You may find yourself searching for new horizons – perhaps there’s an online course you could take in your spare time or a renewed interest in philosophy or long-distance travel plans. You are in a longer term cycle from December 2017 to December 2020 which involves tests and renewed commitment of your partnerships.


Enormous changes continue to shape your public persona and image in the world as you adjust to new circumstances at home and work. You may even be dressing differently or wearing your hair in a new style to reflect your shift in consciousness. The New Moon on October 27 is an extremely powerful time for you. On October 27/28 set your intentions clearly and say them aloud in the present tense, as if they are already realized, for example, “I am my own master/mistress of my life and navigate my days with confidence and calm”.


Old friends show up out of the blue this month – whether in person or in your inbox – and you find yourself able to share like-minded aspirations together. Indeed, if you belong to a group or philanthropic enterprise, this solar cycle sees you fully engaged. Try to use November to reorganize things that will make your life simpler; a slight shift in your routine can do wonders. Refrain from focusing on too many details in life; get your message out, and then relax.


As October draws to a close, you may find yourself letting out a breath you never knew you were holding. A diplomat at heart who avoids conflict and the spotlight unless pushed to the wall, this season has forced you to confront your passive tendencies. Even though putting yourself out there has been challenging, you’ve done it – congratulations! Your ruling planet Venus leaves intensive Scorpio for expansive Sagittarius early in November so pack your bags and take a well-deserved break. Occult activities beckon too!


Happy, happy birthday to you!! Your birthday month begins with a feast of planets in your sign, offering you much in the way of action and opportunity. Your laser-beam focus is your best ally for the year ahead – remember this. You may sometimes find yourself wondering if others will ever understand the depth of your perception – most likely they won’t, unless their Moon or Rising sign is in Scorpio. As the secret-keeper of the zodiac, you also find others confiding in you this month, an honor indeed. Enjoy your time in the Sun!


The solar cycle begins with some good financial news! It looks as if your bank account may have a chance to stabilize during this cycle; at the very least, there’s money there now and that’s good news. Just don’t spend it as fast as it comes in. Your self-worth is also high at this time as you’ve adapted to your new role. You’ve learnt much about your boundaries recently – just how far you’re willing to go before you reign yourself in. What valuable life experience!


It looks as if you’re spending time with siblings and/or relatives this solar month, as well as possibly taking a short trip or two. Enjoy! Note that October 27-28 may involve a period of hard work or intensity; regulate your energy over these days. You’re strong but everyone needs rest sometimes; try not to force things. October 23 to November 23 is also a great solar cycle to deal with things that you may have had to put on hold in February this year. Onwards!


Did you ever make the mental connection between your place of residence and your early psychological roots? This solar cycle you are asked to focus on your home as the space that surrounds, protects and nourishes your being (and that of your family if you live with them). What structural evidence do you see of your roots? Something new is beginning in your heart and in your home – listen, and adjust your space accordingly.


You’re asked to express your talents this solar cycle and enjoy yourself while you’re at it! Recreation is so often neglected – set time aside now to relax while you create something from the heart. If pleasurable pastimes are not your style, then perhaps you might dabble in stock market speculation – when last did you invest in a promising young company or monitor your own returns closely? If you have children, they may require some extra tender loving care now.

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