Astro-planner for November 2019

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OCTOBER 23 – NOVEMBER 22, 2019

October 23: Sun moves into Scorpio, joining Mercury and Venus in the sign of resourcefulness, reserve, regeneration, death and resurrection. Happy birthday Scorpio friends!

October 15-31: Mercury appears to slow down from earth’s perspective – complete unfinished projects and adjust your personal pace from 4th gear down to 3rd

October 27: New Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio (11:38 pm EDT). This New Moon is opposite Uranus – you are asked to be extra mindful at this time and not react to others in an impulsive way. (The midpoint Uranus=Venus/Saturn is also active at this time.) The higher vibration of this New Moon is technological breakthroughs and/or deep spiritual insight into your automated responses. You may choose to lift your consciousness before sleep by tuning in through meditation, prayer or mystical reading material

October 31: Mercury turns retrograde at 27 degrees of Scorpio until November 21. Shift down to 2nd gear! Patience when commuting and trouble-shooting technical problems pays off now. An opportune period to get the car serviced, tidy up finances, or talk to a skilled therapist about unresolved personal concerns. Check your chart – do you have a planet close to 27 Scorpio?

November 2: Venus leaves watery Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius, where love is idealized and domesticity blissfully ignored. Make a note in your calendar and see if you experience a shift over the next day or two in how you relate to others. The last few weeks of intensity surrounding a certain relationship may begin to lessen now; you may even be able to set off on a light-hearted adventure together. Leave the chores for later and go for it!

November 12: Full Moon at 19 degrees of Taurus (8:34 am). Interestingly, in New York the Ascendant-Descendant axis are once again highlighted as in the New Moon chart – themes of us and them, you and I, will play out here. For all of us, Taurus Full Moons are wonderful times for some extra nurturing and indulging in a delicious meal and a glass of wine. With this Full Moon trine to Pluto (and Saturn), and the Sun conjunct Mercury, it’s also a time of opportunity for businesses and finances

November 20: Mercury stations direct. This is a day of adjustment, as Mars also moves into Scorpio today. It may be useful to see if there are echoes from October 12, when Mercury was at the same degree. Please let me know!!

November 22: Sun moves into Sagittarius at 9:58 am EST

November 26: New Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, and we begin another cycle, friends

All dates and times according to the Eastern Daylight Time calendar

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