Planet Therapy

I have a dear colleague, Jupiter Joji, who practices in Japan. When I translate his website using Google Translate (GT), one of the phrases that comes up is “planet therapy”.

Isn’t this lovely?! We all know how inaccurate GT can be, but sometimes, with its sheer literalism, it gets the message across loud and clear.

For is this not what sensitive and intuitive counseling astrologers do? We offer an uplifting form of therapy, a precious insight into oneself, using the planets as our guide. When we listen, and make the connections for you, healing and release take place.

Unlike a psychologist, who might need many sessions to slowly unpack the story of your life, an astrologer can see your life path before her, and guide you to a more conscious understanding of your journey. Relationship issues, burdens of guilt, or a downward spiraling pattern have light shed them and no longer seem so overwhelming. There is much evidence that single session therapy is as effective as long-term therapy.*

I remember my consultation with a Cape Town astrologer, Rod Suskin, when I was in my early twenties… what an impression it made on me! I suddenly saw my life in perspective and felt overjoyed that there was a divine pattern to it all.

Planet therapy… a fine translation!

*Talmon in Tyl, Noel The Creative Astrologer, Llewellyn, 2000

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