Happy Full Moon in Leo!

Every Full Moon calls us to bring something to fruition.

Open your heart. Breathe. Step into your self. Pay attention to what your Wizard of Awareness is trying to tell you. He lives within your subconscious and asks you to watch the events and feelings which trigger you – from a distance. The Wizard of Awareness is an observer; he remains neutral, no matter what is going on, and this is his magical power. He wears the world as a loose garment, taking nothing personally (Wizard card from Colette Baron-Reid, The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards).

Full Moon at 27° Leo, Chart set for New York. February 16, 2022, 11:56 am EST

Every Full Moon calls us to see our instinctual habits and emotional triggers, and to cultivate impartiality

This Full Moon in Leo is inconjunct Pluto and takes place during an exact Venus-Mars conjunction.
Subconscious triggers may come up to be seen, especially where relationships (or lack thereof) are concerned, and especially those triggers which have been hidden very deeply (Moon-Pluto). If you find yourself more moody or reactive than usual, cultivate your awareness of this state. Ask yourself three questions:
What is triggering me?
Can I release it without hurting someone in the process?
Is it possible to be impartial and invite the Wizard of Awareness in?
The highest expression of Leo energy is the opening of the heart. Avoid relationship drama and aim for something far more mind-blowing: the experience of love which wants nothing in return. Wishing you a magical two weeks!

Leo Full Moon Message:
It is possible to relate to yourself and to others without emotional drama from the past

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