November Forecast: Finding Your Elemental Balance

Scorpio Season:
Finding Your Elemental Balance

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Dear Friends,

I wonder how you all are and how you are coping with the ever-increasing demands of this new world which is struggling to be born. We are living through a slow, transformative period of deep and lasting change. As we slowly shift from an earth-based economy to an idea-and-information based economy (as shown by the long term cycles of Jupiter and Saturn) it is easy for our stress levels to peak. We could all do with making a few simple changes to our lifestyle.

Try to take time each day away from your phone or computer. Ground yourself by walking or lying on the earth, walking barefoot, and drinking lots of clear water. Human beings need sunlight, fresh air, contact with the earth and trees, and pure water daily in order to feel healthy and to rest well at night. If you do not have easy access to these, just do your best.

Astrology has at its roots a profound understanding of elemental balances and signifies how when we become out of balance, we invite illness in.

If we are prone to too much mental activity (air signs Gemini and Aquarius dominance, and a strongly placed Mercury – linked to both Gemini and Virgo – and/or Uranus), it is easy to suffer from mental or nervous stress.

When too much of the water element is activated (an emphasis on Cancer, Scorpio and/or Pisces, with the Moon and/or Jupiter prominent), emotional overflow can upset our body’s balance.

Earth imbalances (for example, a strongly placed Saturn, dominant Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo signatures) may result in coldness, dryness, and a renunciation of joy and affection. Earth signs tend to be retentive and need to work on releasing resentment and sadness instead of storing it in the body.

Excess fire (Mars or the Sun strong or challenged, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius placements emphasized) may lead to inflammation, over-activity and temperamental outbursts which weaken the immune system.

We assist our bodies to remain in balance when we follow a healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lifestyle. Exercise, a good diet, and contact with nature realigns our elemental flow.

May you remain healthy this November as we enter into the final eclipse season of the year. Make time to nurture your being!

Full Moon in Taurus, Lunar Eclipse: November 8, 06h02, New York

This month’s lunar eclipse at the Full Moon is overflowing with powerful water and earth energy. With three planets in the water sign of Scorpio (Sun-Mercury-Venus), we are invited to plumb the depths of what we are searching for, and not to shy away from emotional intensity.

Intensity is what often leads to genuine breakthroughs. When you feel as if you’ve had enough of a certain situation and want to turn away, try something new instead – turn towards whatever is challenging you.

In the eclipse chart we see that opposite the Scorpio grouping of planets sits the Moon in the earth sign of Taurus – calling us to ground our feelings in practical manifestations which demonstrate our true intent. The Moon is closely connected to Uranus, calling us to be open to sudden breakthroughs which release us from old habitual patterns. A double invitation for change, it seems!

Yet Saturn is also tightly tied to this eclipse, an indication that we are responsible for our own destiny and that freedom must always be paid for. If we can accept our fate, we can make our fortune.

The week of an eclipse is traditionally a time for contemplation rather than for decision-making. The energies of an eclipse are felt up to six months after it takes place.

Happy Thanksgiving – I am thankful for each and every one of you and wish you the very best —

May the Sun shine upon you,

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