Virgo Full Moon & Spring Equinox

A Full Moon of Hope to precede the start of the Astrological Year

‘The writing is on the wall, do not wait for further signs to forgive sincerely and dare greatly…’ (The Council card from Mystical Shaman Oracle).

The Virgo Full Moon desires to help through practical means.

This Full Moon (March 18, 2022) is linked to Neptune, planet of dreams and sacrifice, and to Pluto, significator of deep change. The Full Moon chart suggests that sudden openings may occur in relationships that have lately been feeling closed, and that new relationships may enter out of the blue.
The Full Moon brings to the fore areas of life where you may have grown tired of waiting or where you face daily challenges. These challenges could be linked to disorganization in your home or workplace – disorder which is slowing you down. They could also be linked to something far deeper, such as the feeling of being overlooked.
Over the next two weeks, aim to implement small, practical steps which move you closer to getting organized and feeling good about yourself.
Full Moon at 27° Virgo, Chart set for New York. March 18, 2022, 3:17 am EST

Virgo Full Moon Message:
Listen to your inner Counsel – it knows the next practical step to take.

The Spring Equinox heralds the start of the astrological year, a time of hope and renewal.

Sunday, March 20, two days after the Full Moon, is the spring equinox, a fortunate time to set your intentions for the year ahead.

Realign your purpose as you open to the radiant energies of the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Aries is associated with swift action, the pioneering spirit, and fearless leadership. The Sun, exalted in Aries, will shine light on new intentions formulated at this time.

Mars, ruler of Aries, is in the sign of Aquarius at the equinox, suggesting that group efforts are favored, as are those which facilitate social gatherings. The first quarter of the year calls upon you to be increasingly engaged with others, and to reunite with your tribe.

There is an element of decisiveness in the air –

Aries Ingress Chart, Sun at 0° Aries, Chart set for New York. March 20, 2022, 11:33 am EST

Wishing you all a blessed equinox – may you realign your inner purpose by the light of the Sun,


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