August Astrology 2018: Sunny Skies

  ASTRO-PLANNER FOR AUGUST 2018 August 7: Uranus moves retrograde at 2 degrees of Taurus as it squares slow-moving Mars; plan a technology-free day to avoid frustration directed at your computer/smartphone/printer. In fact, make that a techno-limited week if you can! Messages can reach you the old-fashioned way. Venus also moves into Libra on thisContinue reading “August Astrology 2018: Sunny Skies”

Pack a Picnic: July 2018

Dear Friends, Welcome to Astrology Update for July 2018! While going through the ephemeris to write the astro-planner for July and August, I was reminded of Plato’s words, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. In other words, none of us has it easy; everyone is dealing with some challenge orContinue reading “Pack a Picnic: July 2018”