Mercury: from Casual Conversation to Cogitation

 Mercury Statue next to Metlife in New York City. Copyright Catherine Goshen, March 2016

The planet Mercury shows us how we think best. The ancients understood Mercury to be ‘the thinking soul’ while 17th century master astrologer William Lilly saw it to represent thought as ‘awareness’. Thought, perception, communication… Mercury reflects our mindset and entire thinking apparatus including our nervous system, which binds the brain to the body.

Traditionally neuter (neither male nor female), Mercury takes on the characteristics of the planet to which it is closest. In fact, Mercury can never be found more than one sign (or 28 degrees) from the Sun. Check your own chart! You either have Mercury in the same sign as your Sun, or in one of the signs adjacent to it. Your core identity (Sun) is linked to how you perceive the world (Mercury). Just think about that! If you change the way you perceive the world, profound identity changes may result…

If you have Mercury in either of the signs it rules, Gemini or Virgo, you’re more often than not a logical thinker. The sign of Gemini brings out the communicative and rational side of Mercury (think of the winged messenger of the gods in Greek myth), while Virgo brings Mercury’s discriminative and knowledge gathering qualities to the fore. Mercury not only rules but is also exalted (“honored”) in Virgo. This makes it strong but may cause it to operate inconsistently (and nervous tension often results).

Mercury placed in a sign opposite one of the signs it rules, in Sagittarius and Pisces, feels as if it’s in a foreign land and is said to be detrimented. In Sagittarius Mercury can be inspirational and quick – too quick sometimes! In watery Pisces Mercury may wander, struggling with an A to Z linear approach. People with these Mercury placements do well in vocations which require thinking outside of the box.

Where’s your Mercury? Is it in an earth, air, fire or water sign? Does it lend you to be subtle, elegant and discrete, or a boaster, a prattler and a tale-carrier (Lilly)? Does it serve your core identity, helping you to perceive the world and align it with your will? Or is it in a different sign to your Sun, giving you a multi-dimensional approach to your awareness?

Let’s talk!

November Election Forecast Report

November Void of Course Mystery. Copyright 2016 Catherine Goshen

Dear Friends,


I recently returned from Costa Mesa, California where I attended the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) Conference. One of the highlights was the presidential panel hosted at the Opening where international astrologers presented their predictions for the upcoming United States election to be held on November 8. I’d like to share the spirit of this evening with you.

Internationally respected author, teacher and consultant Edith Hathaway used Vedic techniques to look at the past, present and future of the US elections and the potential of the candidates. Her forecast: Hillary will take the Whitehouse.

Aleksandar Imsiragic, director of the Johannes Kepler Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade, used some exciting techniques including progressing the chart of George Washington to the day of the upcoming US election. His forecast: Hillary is the favorite to win.

Ema Kurent, respected Slovenian astrologer and author, marshalled traditional predictive techniques to make her forecast. Eclipse, new and full moon charts with tight (1 degree) orbs were her focus. Her forecast: Hillary looks set for victory.

Christeen Skinner, well-known English astrologer and author of ‘The Financial Universe’, used among her techniques the Aries Ingress chart and the chart for the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Her forecast: Hillary is the favorite to win the popular vote.

Turkish astrologer Hakan Kirkoglu and Montreal astrologer Nick Dagan Best also used their unique tool boxes to look into the future of the United States. Their forecasts? Hillary trumps Trump.

I found it fascinating that six such divergent astrologers, each using different forecasting tools, came up with the same result: it is highly likely that Hillary Clinton will be the next US president. However, there was warning about a possible recount and confusion over some very closely contested areas. Will you vote?

May the Sun shine upon you,


Keep it Light this October

Sunrise on the Equinox, October 2016, Copyright Catherine Goshen

Dear All

Something light-hearted for October…

Cardinal Signs:
The scales are finally tipping Libra’s way again and while you’re still extremely busy, rewards are to follow – hooray! Aries, allow your partner some space (a trip, perhaps?) while you continue to lavish attention on him/her. Roger that? Cancer, you’re even more happy than usual at home this month – focus on a new project here and steer clear of potential battles with your true love. Capricorn, use the first part of the month to work hard (you’ll get a lot done) but seek out lucrative friendships at October’s end.

Fixed Signs:
Taurus, it’s all about health this month – schedule a well visit or make a seasonal diet adjustment. Scorpio, you’re feeling the need for the mystical to enter your life – explore this now – and be patient with your financial situation. Leo, you’ll be doing a tremendous amount of driving and talking on the phone this month… and you’re finally able to schedule the dentist…roar! Aquarius, don’t worry if your friends are uncharacteristically unavailable in October – use the time to study, read and figure out what you’re going to do in November when things get really busy for you.

Mutable Signs:
Gemini, I’m happy to say it, romance is in the air! If you’re looking for someone special, it’s a great time to be out and about. Sagittarius, things feel a little heavy at the moment as responsibilities pile up and the bills keep arriving; turn to good friends for cheer and cognac. Things will ease up at the end of the month. Virgo, you’re committed to becoming more independent this October. While lovers and partners may feel restrictive, find solace in material comforts and a good book. Pisces, there’s something bothering you and you’re hiding away more than usual. Be patient as November will bring it all to light.

FULL MOON: October 16, at 23 Aries

NEW MOONS: October 1, at 8 Libra; October 30, at 7 Scorpio

May the Sun shine upon you,

September’s New Moon

A flat river reflects our thoughts. Copyright: Catherine Goshen 2016

Dear Friends

It’s New Moon on September 1 (and an annular solar eclipse, which looks like a ring of fire) at 9 degrees of Virgo. You’ll feel this eclipse most strongly if you have planets or angles at 8 to 10 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, or if you’re born between May 29 and June 3, August 28 and September 3, November 29 and December 3 or February 29 and March 3.

This is because Saturn and Mars are together in the sky at the moment at 10 and 14 degrees of Sagittarius, and Neptune is at 10 Pisces. The New Moon (together with the Nodes) therefore creates a strong T-square pattern with Mars, Saturn and Neptune, which is not to be underestimated! Stay quiet and focused while you go about your business. The second part of the week will bring much to light for all of us.

(And for those of you who don’t know your placements yet, please email me!)

Full Moon is on Friday, September 16, at 24 Pisces.

May the Sun shine upon you,

New Moon Chart with T-Square. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


August’s Astrology Update

Leo Light, August 2016. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016

Dear Friends

I hear many of us sighing with relief as July finally ends and we can get our thoughts in order and pay attention to the details of loved ones once again. We’re the wiser for having seen our shadow side and wonder, “Where to next?”

Find opportunities this month for stabilization. Tie up loose ends from the beginning of the year. Make an effort to extend yourself beyond your usual circle, especially around the 17th.

That challenging test or task you need to tackle won’t go away, so get it done before August 29 – you’ll be surprised at the force you can muster, especially during the third week of the month!

May the Sun shine upon you,

Power dates this month:

New Moon is soon! It begins a new cycle on August 2 at 10 58′ Leo (4:45pm EST). Use its energy to donate old clothes and gadgets, making room for the new. Let it go, let it go…

Full Moon is on August 18 at 25 52′ Aquarius (5:27am EST). You’ll feel its power on August 17 so plan accordingly.


July’s Astrology 2016

Dear Friends,

As Britain votes to exit the EU and David Cameron resigns, we may feel a similar dissolution in our own lives. Everything is in flux; routine is hard to hold on to, or has recently changed. What routine, you might ask?

All this upheaval is happening for a reason. Light is being shone on the areas of your life that are not working or may need adjustment. While resigning from your own life is not an option, you can be willing to review your path and yield a little more.

Career ambitions and public concerns should clarify next week after a distinct period of lack of focus. Use July to reboot – and best of luck with your new endeavor!

May the Sun shine upon you,

 New Moon Chart July 4 2016, © Catherine Goshen 2016

Power dates this month:

July 4: New Moon at 12 degrees of Cancer. Happy Birthday to the United States! Connect lovingly with family while pacing yourself. The intensity of the day sets a pattern for the next two weeks, so allow some breathing space amidst the festivities.

July 19: Full Moon at 27 degrees of Capricorn. Enjoy this evening out with friends if you can! Then use the next two weeks to balance home and work with grace.


Life Force – how’s yours this June?

Welcome to Astrology Update!


Flowers reverberate with Life Force. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2010

Dear All,

Recently I came upon a passage about the symbolic meaning of the slave collar in pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon times. The metal band signified that the slave’s life force no longer flowed freely in his body; once he was enslaved his vitality was controlled by his owner.

It made me ponder on how many of us are still enslaved by our own thinking, not even realizing that there is another way of seeing things. There is a supportive life force all around us, waiting to flow through us at every moment.

Feeling separate and stressed reminds us that we’ve shackled ourselves to a one-dimensional way of perceiving things. Through the study of astrology we begin to understand that we are part of an extensive web of connectivity which wishes to reverberate at the highest octave of consciousness at every given moment.

Follow your Path. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016

With Mars retrograde until the end of June, we have a powerful opportunity to observe our actions and to see where our energies go. This month we can expect to revisit whatever we were dealing with between February 19 and March 3. It’s our opportunity to reflect on it and to adjust our mindset. By July we’ll be completing this cycle, having gained in wisdom.

Power periods this month: June 4-5 and 17-20:

New Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini (on June 4-5, depending on your time zone): Avoid being pulled in more than one direction as you set your intentions for the month. Being flexible will enable your dreams to take shape.

The build-up to the Full Moon at 29 degrees of Sagittarius on June 20 could be intense. Take challenges in your stride. Allow yourself to engage with others during this time in a way that you can agree to disagree. The world is large enough for everyone’s opinions!

For those of you born March 1-6, June 1-6, September 1-7, and December 1-7, there is so much going on in your lives right now! Please don’t hesitate to call me to set up an appointment in person or over the phone.

May the Sun shine upon you,


May I Delay? Yes!

The Astrology for May 2016

Dear Readers, how are you faring?

The month of May begins with both Mercury and Mars retrograde, calling on us to take time off from our usual forward-moving, technologically-enabled lives. If you’re experiencing delays, car or computer set-backs, or simply feel like relaxing at home, this is normal! Mental doubts and communication/travel glitches will clear up after May 22 when Mercury stations direct.

We’ll have to wait until June 29 for Mars to move forward, so use this time productively for planning. Most importantly, don’t allow delays or blockages to get you down. Everything in life happens for a reason and you don’t always have to know why. Isn’t that a relief?


New Moon Chart, May 6, 2016, Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016


Power periods this month are May 6–10 and May 20–22.

Use the first period to create or refresh practical routines on New Moon (in Taurus, May 6) and watch these new habits grow and gain momentum (around May 9). May 9-10 is a promising period to complete any unfinished business left over from the first half of January.

Use the second period to host a gathering on Full Moon (in Sagittarius, May 21) and then broadcast your ideas to the world (May 22). If you have business contracts or legal agreements to sign this month, try to wait until after May 23. Detest delays? Sometimes a delay can save you a lot of extra work later on!

May the Sun shine upon you,

Mutable Wisdom

Welcome to Astrology Update!

The ancients understood that each element (fire, earth, air and water) could be expressed in the earthly sphere in three different ways: CARDINAL, FIXED and MUTABLE. For instance, think of: water flowing into a mountain pool, water as an icy glacier, and water as vaporous clouds in the sky. In your own life, think of: initiating a project, enduring the length of that project, and then finishing it off as you begin to plan the next one.

Flying into the Light, © Catherine Goshen

The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are like the clouds (and the in-between phase when you finish off one event and begin the next) – they are associated with changeable action – and they are under the spotlight this year. This affects everyone.

We need to anchor our dreams while watching which way the wind blows. Things in our lives that we might have believed to be permanent and fixed can alter with surprising rapidity. Can we shift-shape like the clouds and welcome endings as well as beginnings?

Yellow Joy

The New Moon on April 7 is at 18 degrees of Aries, a particularly powerful time to set your intentions for the month or begin a new endeavor (such as a business venture or a new exercise routine) as it is in a cardinal (initiating) sign and is super-energized by the outer planets.

The second half of the month (from April 17 onwards) calls us to return home, to pause and take stock. Deal with any recent setbacks, revise your plans and celebrate any achievements. The Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio is on April 21 – a time of fruition, revelation, and release!

May the Sun shine upon you,

March forward with Sensitivity!

Welcome to Astrology Update!


 P1040033 (2)

There will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 9 (at 19 degrees of Pisces for those of you who know your charts) and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23 (at 3 Libra, echoing the eclipse of September 28 last year).

Eclipses mark endings and beginnings; the ancients were able to predict the rise and fall of kings by understanding them thousands of years ago. While emotions run high during and after the eclipse period, so does the possibility of revelation and change – as what is normally hidden is revealed.

Eclipses are particularly powerful when they contact a planet or point in your (or a country’s) chart directly. Hillary Clinton’s Moon is around 22 degrees of Pisces while Donald Trump’s Neptune is at 5 Libra. It will be interesting to watch the political temperature this month in the United States, especially as Hillary’s Moon will be reactivated by another eclipse later this year on September 16 (at 24 Pisces).

In between the two March eclipses the Aries equinox on March 19-20 sounds the gong for the start of the astrological year as the Sun moves out of Pisces and into 0 degrees of the first sign of the tropical zodiac. Yet in spite of this energetic and fiery Mars energy, sensitive energy is still very much available as Mercury, Venus and Neptune remain in watery Pisces. Are you able to watch the Sun rise on the equinox and take a moment to reflect on your place in our solar system?

I’m available for short or long astrology sessions, either over the phone or in person. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining clarity and insight into life’s ups and downs. It helps us to see that there is indeed a plan for our lives and that we are here to learn, to grow and to experience.

May the Sun shine upon you,