November's Astrology Colors

Astrology: November 1 - 13, 2023

Greetings dear Astrology friends,

November begins with heightened energy. We will all still be under the influence of the October 28 lunar eclipse in Taurus. Allow the stored tensions to unwind slowly. If you are suffering from stress, as many people do during eclipse season, talk to someone you trust.

Speaking with someone you trust can help to alleviate sadness, anger, disillusionment or frustration. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in water-sign Scorpio from  November 1 – 9; sharing emotional confidences promotes healing and well-being. As all emotion is stored in the body, this is also a good time to stay active physically. Keep walking!

November 1 – 7: Take care of routine business. Avoid over-reacting during personal interactions. This is not the time for large financial purchases or investments. Matters unresolved since March 8 – 16 may begin to move forward now.

November 8 – 9: Step out into life again, realizing that in spite of world events – which continue to be in the spotlight – life continues on. How do I care for the day that I have, instead of dwelling on the day that has past, or the day that is to come?

November 11 – 13: Be sincere now about observing any negative mindset patterns you may have. Mercury slips into Sagittarius and forms a serious relationship with Saturn during these days, encouraging us to tackle our own negative habits with creative solutions. The New Moon in Scorpio arrives on the 13th (at 04h27, New York). Feel your energy revitalized at this time by consciously letting go of what is past and welcoming in a new cycle. With Uranus, Mars and the Sun in tight conversation, be mindful of rushing about. Used with intention, this energy facilitates inspirational break-throughs and brilliance

Astrology: November 14 – 30, 2023

For many of us, November will feel like a new beginning as projects at work finally begin to move forward after months of back and forth. Seize the moment, while we have an easy flow of energy between master-builder Saturn (moving direct since November 4, ending its four month retrograde cycle), and hero-warrior Mars. This energy carries us until Mars changes signs on November 25, when we’ll be asked to slow down and pause once again.


November 14 – 23: Keep calm and carry on! These are intensive days as the Moon begins to wax again, while the electric dance between the Sun, Mars and Uranus continues. These are days of great daring, great risk and excitement, with an even greater need for balance. Take extra care on November 18 when Moon-Pluto intensifies what is already present in your life. Pay particular attention to money, and to emotional issues which are sparked around the control of finances.

On November 23 the Sun enters Sagittarius – happy birthday dear Sagittarius! – and the mood lightens.

November 24 – 30: We are now building towards the Full Moon in Gemini on November 27 (04h16, New York). Something is not as it seems at this Full Moon (Mercury-Neptune square) and we must stay awake to determine truth from imagination. Remain critical of major news outlets and their story-lines. Remain patient when life slows you down (Mars-Saturn square). Perhaps it’s time to lie on the couch and read an Asterix and Obelix comic… Laughter is still free, and is good for the soul!


Wishing you beautiful colors this November!

May the Sun shine upon you,

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