Happy New Year Astrology

Astrology Forecast for 2024

Greetings dear Astrology friends,

The start of the New Year is always a special time. The Winter Solstice is behind us and we are on our way towards longer days with hope in our hearts.

In Astrology the organ of the heart is linked to the Sun, and we intuitively feel the correlation between sunlight, life and the pulse that beats within us. A simple gesture of extending our arms outwards and then upwards as we face the rising Sun, then bringing the palms together over our heart, reinforces this connection between our inner light, the Greater Light, and the heart that beats within us. We intuitively feel more connected to life when our hearts are open.

Contemplate for a moment that our entire bodies are made in the image of the cosmos and in fact “house” all the planets within! As we move through the first month of 2024, from Capricorn into Aquarius, we are invited to pay special attention to our bones, teeth and circulation. We may wish to make extra efforts to stretch our bodies regularly and to walk in nature.

A New Year, A New Zeitgeist

This year truly begins a new paradigm for humanity. By November 2024, Pluto will fully enter the sign of Aquarius, after moving between Capricorn and Aquarius since March 2023. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 – the earth sign of big banking and big government. Pluto will be in Aquarius, the sign of “the people” and technological innovation, from 2024 to 2044.

Pluto is a generational planet, affecting all of humanity, and the sign it is traveling through marks the zeitgeist of the age. Its move into Aquarius symbolizes our leap into the vibrational air paradigm, begun in 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn joined together in December 2020, also in Aquarius. (Lockdown was the catalyst which began the breakdown of borders through the airy realm of the Internet.)

In Astrology, the air element is linked to thought and communication. We can expect technology (especially the technology of small objects, courtesy of Pluto), to bring us ever closer to realizing our shared humanity over the next twenty years. 

Technology allows us to communicate quickly across enormous physical distances, breaking down the cultural and intellectual barriers that separate us from one another. As the light of the Aquarian age increases, so the darkness of ignorance pushes back. Stay grounded as the year unfolds and remember to honor the earth as we take off into this airy age! No matter how much technology we have, we will always need to plant and harvest, to build and to eat. Stay Real! 

New Moon in Capricorn, January 11

This is your time to get your message out! The New Moon and Sun, together with Pluto, are strongly configured with the Moon’s Nodes — things are happening on the world’s stage and if you wish for more visibility in your business, January 12-13 are good days for public exposure. As Neptune and Mercury are doing the square-dance, make sure that all your facts are aligned!.

If you have the patience, you may wish to wait until January 14, when Mercury, our communication planet, is in a strong and visible position, having entered into Capricorn and begun moving towards a flow relationship with beneficent Jupiter. Now is the time to step into 2024 with all cylinders firing!


Full Moon in Leo, January 25

The Sun leaves Capricorn and enters into Aquarius on January 20 – happy birthday dear Aquarius friends!

A generous Full Moon in Leo graces our skies on January 25, inviting us to truly understand what it means to give from the heart.

The Sun and Moon contact abundant Jupiter, and Venus, so we may truly wear our hearts on our sleeves during this period! It feels as if sudden or unusual events could occur at this time, stirring our passions and inviting miracles in. Do you believe in love? This Full Moon invites us to begin to know what Love is made of.


A couple of days after the Full Moon, the energies intensify, and we may begin to realize that our thoughts (Mercury) and actions (Mars) must align and be practical in order to fulfill our heartfelt desires. The rest of the month sees us working to make manifest these dreams. 

Note: For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, I will be traveling abroad for part of January and February, so the next blog post will be for March 2024. The New Moon is on February 9 at 20° Aquarius and the Full Moon is on February 24 at 5° Virgo.

Wishing you Clarity and Open-heartedness for 2024!

May the Sun shine upon you,