August’s Astrology Update

Leo Light, August 2016. Copyright Catherine Goshen 2016

Dear Friends

I hear many of us sighing with relief as July finally ends and we can get our thoughts in order and pay attention to the details of loved ones once again. We’re the wiser for having seen our shadow side and wonder, “Where to next?”

Find opportunities this month for stabilization. Tie up loose ends from the beginning of the year. Make an effort to extend yourself beyond your usual circle, especially around the 17th.

That challenging test or task you need to tackle won’t go away, so get it done before August 29 – you’ll be surprised at the force you can muster, especially during the third week of the month!

May the Sun shine upon you,

Power dates this month:

New Moon is soon! It begins a new cycle on August 2 at 10 58′ Leo (4:45pm EST). Use its energy to donate old clothes and gadgets, making room for the new. Let it go, let it go…

Full Moon is on August 18 at 25 52′ Aquarius (5:27am EST). You’ll feel its power on August 17 so plan accordingly.


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