Fall Equinox

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The Sun enters Libra on Monday, September 22nd, and marks the start of the Fall Equinox – except for my Southern hemisphere readers who are welcoming in the spring! The earth’s shift is marked powerfully this year as Pluto also moves direct on this day – collectively, a time of deep reflection is once again over and we press forward toward transformational action.

Thank you to all of you who shared your stories of the last Full Moon, an immensely powerful Harvest Moon which took place on September 8th. For many of you, the entire period from September 7th to 9th was experienced physically as a time of heightened sensitivity in the body, while others shared tales of behavioral revelations and sudden self-insight. It is at these exceptional times that we realize how little we know of the influences under which we live.

Libra, it’s your New Moon this month on Wednesday, September 25th, ushering in a fresh cycle for all of us and a chance to really scrutinize our social relations. This is the best day of the month to begin a new regimen or to turn over a new leaf with regard to how you behave toward others. Check in again on your progress on October 1st, 8th (a potent Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse) and 15th. The eclipse will be felt particularly strongly by those born April 3 to 5 in any year, or who have an Angle or a personal planet at 14 to 16 degrees of Aries.

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