New Moon in Virgo


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One of the most humbling aspects of my work as a consulting astrologer is the realization that everybody has suffered or is suffering. Rather than dishearten, this fact pushes me onwards to understand life better, to pray for guidance, and to keep moving forward into the unknown. If there is so much suffering in the world, there needs to be a new perspective from which to view it all.

The way of the Spirit calls us to look down upon our own suffering with detachment. One way to do this is to visualize you’re an eagle flying overhead, looking down upon your own suffering with an objective view. Suddenly your personal tribulations seem smaller than before; you may see others carrying far greater burdens than yourself; you may see joyful moments from the past and yet to come. Have hope, my friends! “All things work together for good for those who love God”.

We have a New Moon in early Virgo on Monday, August 25th, 2014, to light your way toward a fresh cycle. This is a productive time for cleansing and cleaning, both internally (your body and your thoughts) and at home or in the office. Check your kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets for products which have expired and get rid of them! For outdated thought patterns, do the same! And treat yourself to a freshly squeezed vegetable juice and a run around the block while you’re at it.

During the next two weeks there will be tremendous disciplined energy available to overcome every obstacle in your path. Use it wisely. (A superman stance in front of the mirror can be most effective.)

May the Sun Shine Upon You,

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