Venus Retrograde: Time to Re-evaluate

Venus is a nocturnal, feminine planet, and the brightest planet in our sky, followed by Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are said to bring blessings because their intrinsic nature is beneficial to life, growth and fertility. What happens when Venus turns retrograde, as she does in 2020 from May 14 to June 26? Does her abilityContinue reading “Venus Retrograde: Time to Re-evaluate”

Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for November 2018

Dear Friends, How are you faring? As the days shorten here on the East Coast and the leaves begin to fall, it’s the natural time for inner reflection. We’re helped in this process by Venus and Mercury being in their retrograde cycle at different times this month. Set some hours aside now for doing nothingContinue reading “Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for November 2018”

Astrology Update for March: Through the Looking Glass

    Dear Friends, March seems the very best month to let your mad hatter out to play. There is a contrary blend of planetary energies which favors an upside down perspective and the ability to laugh at your own quirks. This is not the month for a beauty make-over, for finally decorating the kids’Continue reading “Astrology Update for March: Through the Looking Glass”