Astro-planner for Sagittarius Season 2020

‘Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.’

Emily Dickinson, Sagittarius

Period November 21 – December 21, 2020

All dates and times according to Eastern Standard Time 

November 21, 2020, 3:39 pm EST: The Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer, and we begin a new solar cycle. Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year, Sagittarius!


Sagittarius is a mutable, fire sign and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius by day (its masculine or outward expression) and Pisces by night (the feminine or inward expression of Jupiter).

The Sagittarius archetype is exemplified by Zeus, the Greek god of justice and truth (Jupiter to the Romans). While establishing and enforcing the law from on high, Zeus was also known to partake in earthly pleasures. 

This dual nature of Sagittarius is epitomized by its symbol, the centaur, a creature that is half-man, half-horse. Those with the Sun in Sagittarius may shoot their arrow of truth far into the philosophical realms; simultaneously, they love nothing more than feasting and revelry. Sagittarius is here on earth to learn about the power of the higher mind to master the animal instincts and the feelings, just as the man sits above the horse in the mythological centaur.

Sagittarius find themselves serving in fields as far flung as law, teaching, writing, science, outdoor adventure and unusual quests for truth.

People with strong Sagittarius placements find themselves serving in fields as far flung as the law, teaching, writing, science, outdoor adventure and unusual quests for truth. There is often a pronounced sense of purpose and dedication to the vocation. The sign is also associated with that of the rock star – perhaps the closest we can come to god-like status in the modern world!

Those with strong Sagittarius placements in their charts favor freedom from oppression, from falsities, and from the chains of the old guard (Saturn), especially when they are young. Youthful rebellion typically matures into wisdom, and it is not unusual for Sagittarius adults to work to bring about reform and justice.

It does well to remember that the Sagittarius archetype is always larger than life, like its ruler, Jupiter.

‘Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.’


Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886), one of America’s greatest poets, had the Sun, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius. While her life was considered dull by many, being spent largely in her room in Amherst, Massachusetts. Emily nevertheless was possessed of a soul which soared above the mundane in every way. She wrote 1,800 poems in her lifetime, many dealing with immortality and nature, two appropriately Sagittarian themes.

The Angels Hovering Over the Body of Christ in the Sepulchre, William Blake (ca. 1805)

Engraver, painter and poet, William Blake (1757 – 1827), one of my all-time favorite artists, had the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, and quested for a cosmic vision of truth and justice throughout his life. Similar to Emily Dickinson, he focused on themes of immortality and nature. His Angel of the Revelation (ca. 1803–5), seen at the top of this blog, is one of a series of eighty biblical watercolors based on the book of Revelation.

As the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, Venus moves into Scorpio, where she’ll be until December 15. For us this means that November 21 is most definitely a day of adjustment and can signify an end to the friction we’ve been feeling between our wish to please others and our wish to act in a way which is efficient and effective (Venus in Libra in opposition to Mars in Aries).

The Sun in outgoing, optimistic Sagittarius balances Venus in Scorpio (detriment), which is inward turning and intense. Both these placements can lead to excess, however, so keep an eye out for emotional or physical over-indulgence as the season progresses.

November 24, 2020: Mercury trine Neptune. Imagination, creativity and intuition flow easily; welcome them in. Simultaneously, be aware of idealistic visions projected by the media – what is the reality of the situation?

November 26: Sun trine Chiron, the centaur asteroid, in fire signs. This is an inspirational aspect, so use the day to let go of the past and come into the present. Healing is possible only in the present, not if we are trapped in the beliefs of yesterday. If you’re a writer, the period November 23 – 27 looks potentially fertile.

November 27: Venus opposition Uranus in the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus. This energy brings with it a jolt – we may suddenly see our temperamental nature exposed. A good time to seek balance in a relationship, or let the other person have their way.

November 28: Neptune stations direct. The energies of Neptune are always emphasized during the week it stations. One can feel a little spaced out; it’s a good practice to walk barefoot or do some yoga or equivalent exercise during this period. Allow yourself more time to complete your commitments.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Gemini Chart, November 30, 2020

November 30: Full Moon (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) at 8° Gemini. To recap, a lunar eclipse can only happen at the Full Moon, and this eclipse is an Appulse eclipse, where the Moon enters only the penumbra of Earth. Eclipses always come in pairs, so this lunar eclipse is followed by a solar eclipse at the New Moon on December 14.

This Full Moon sees Neptune (emphasized due to its station) squaring the Nodes of the Moon. This can open one up to frequencies from higher dimensions through meditation and prayer, but also make glamor and illusion easier to spread than ever in the mass media. Beware of a sprinkling of this or a pinch of that, which obscures reality. Are we being told the truth about this virus? What will come out after the Full Moon? As the USA chart is directly contacted by this eclipse, we are sure to have more revelations in the months to come.

If you have your chart, find 8° Gemini and see which house you will receive the Full Moon eclipse. Recall that Gemini relates mainly to communication, travel, and contracts. If you have a planet within a few degrees on either side of the eclipse degree (5° – 11° Gemini), this Full Moon will be very important for you. The area of life ruled by the house will tell you in what area to expect growth over the next few months. You may also wish to look at the house opposite the house that receives the eclipse!

December 1: Mercury enters Sagittarius where it will be until the 20th of the month. Watch your words because it’s easier than usual to say the inappropriate thing at the inappropriate time! That said, Mercury in Sagittarius can bring a breath of fresh air – when we finally speak our truth for all to hear.


New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Chart, December 14, 2020

On December 14 we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius (11:16 am EST). A Solar Eclipse is like a super energized New Moon, and this one will have the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in a trine relationship to Mars. This can be very enlivening, especially because of the emphasis on fire signs, so December 15 will be your day to initiate projects. During the eclipse (as well as the day before), go about your business quietly. The light reaching earth is minimal at this time, and we are asked to find time to be quiet within ourselves.

Just like the Full Moon, see which house the New Moon falls in in your chart. Also check whether you have any planets between 21° – 25° Sagittarius as this will make the solar eclipse more potent in your chart.

The Ancient of Days, William Blake (1794)

December 15: Venus enters Sagittarius, lightening the mood for the festive season!

December 17: Saturn enters Aquarius after almost three years in Capricorn.

December 19: Jupiter enters Aquarius after a year in Capricorn. In the next update I’ll write about the great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius… watch this space!

I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.
Emily Dickinson, Sagittarius

December 21, 2020: The Sun enters Capricorn – and it’s winter solstice time! Look out for next month’s Capricorn season Astrology Update. May you have a healthy Sagittarius season, and retain your sense of humor!

Love and light,

21° – 29° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn)
0° – 2° of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius)
13° – 18° of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces)

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