November Update

Fall view from Upper Nyack, New York

Welcome to Astrology Update!

Astrology enables us to look both forwards and backwards in time, helping us to better understand both ourselves and others. At whatever level we are living our lives, the chart reflects our path – how we came to be who we are and our marvelous potential.

For those of you born September 9 to 14, make the most of the potential for expansion at this time in your life!

For all of us, the New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, November 11, allows us to tune in to all the messages we’re receiving about ourselves and our lives. The most obvious messages – such as repetitive injuries and behavior triggers – are happening for a reason. Listen this week to receive the why of it, and seek healing through communicating with others.

The second half of the month sees us moving toward making our vision a reality through hard work and thoughtful planning. Stay grounded at the Gemini Full Moon on November 25 – exercise, meditation or a movie are all wonderful ways to de-stress at this time.

May the Sun shine upon you,


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