Harmonize this August!

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Rejoice!! The Sun is in kingly Leo and there is much to be thankful for, including a golden full Moon in Aquarius to mark the last day of July. Get your dancing shoes on and be the belle of the ball for the night – or find a group of open-minded friends and talk ’till dawn.

For all of us, August will not be the ideal time to redecorate our homes or begin a new romance or business partnership. Rather, one of the best ways to utilize the energies ahead is to review the way we interact with others.

Are we satisfied with the daily tone of our relationships? Are there patterns of relating which could be harmonized? Are we playing the same role over and over again… and growing tired of it? Let’s try to stop the cacophony and move to a new tune.

August is also an ideal time for us to simplify our lifestyles. Let’s declutter, try to spend some time alone, and review our financial plans for the coming months.

Work-related plans put on the backburner in March are bound to gather speed again in the coming weeks. Move forward with grace and courtesy – it will smooth the weeks ahead.

May the Sun shine upon you,

Innocence and Kindness

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