Sun in Gemini: two natures

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As the Sun moves playfully into Gemini tomorrow, the astrology of the next few weeks suggests that we’ll be rescheduling certain appointments, reconnecting with old acquaintances, and reassessing our schedules to include some time off. Keep it light and easy for a while by allowing breathing space so that something new can blossom the week of June 15.

There’s also a tremendous amount of energy around in the coming week to gain spiritual insight into why you act the way you do. There is a pattern here, your own unique pattern, and seeing it can be surprisingly freeing. Remember that we all possess something of the Gemini twins, the Dioskouroi, within us: sometimes we act lightheartedly, sometimes we are disconsolate. Yet recall the wise words of martial artist Bruce Lee, “Truth is outside of all patterns”.

May the Sun Shine upon you,

PS: For those of you interested in the astrological jargon pertaining to these Updates, the tags right at the bottom of the page give the current astrological patterns.

Sun shining in Gemini

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